Welcome to FEBRUARY Everyone.

So much will be happening on this blog for the entire month. Each day will come with its unique package, and I hope every reader will pick a thing or two from it. So stay tuned as myself & other friends bring you several awesome posts. **************************************************************************

Let me start this way:

‘A Thinking mind is an Active Mind,

An Active Mind is an Unstoppable Mind,

An Unstoppable Mind is an Achieving Mind’.

To summarize the above, Great Thinkers are Great Achievers.


Thinking is usually a conscious effort. It can be Active or Passive. Obviously, the former is more powerful than the latter. Thinking can also be Constructive or Destructive. Constructive thinking energizes while Destructive thinking demoralizes. Worrying is one of the most destructive thinking habits I know of.

A channel for constructive thinking is through reflections.

To reflect in this context means to consider, to observe, to note, or to meditate on…something.

In the last few years, I’ve been able to asses my personal growth based on this simple principle…Reflective Thinking.

Some of the questions I get to ask myself include:

1. Where have I been?

2. Where am I now?

3. Where am I going?

And you’ll agree with me that every Passionate & Purposeful Individual has to ask himself/herself such questions at one point or the other.

I often recall my Adolescent years. If I could get them back, there are at least 20 things I will do differently. Looking back now, I believe I wasted so much time doing nothing. If I had the proper orientation to maximize my time, I probably won’t be where I am today.

Like I shared with a Friend sometimes back, many of the things I now do today should have started more than 5 years ago.

This is not a Lamentation though; Even if those golden years are nonredeemable, I’m determined to make my present years count.

I believe one of the most powerful personal development tools is keeping a Diary or Journal. You can make it a daily, weekly, monthly or occasional entry. It helps to record your Experiences, Progress, Achievements, Setbacks and Lessons. I’ve been keeping Diaries for close to 2 years now and it’s one of my best decisions ever. It may take a while to get used to, but it’s a great investment to deposit into your future.

Every now & then you may go through your entries and reflect on what phase of your Journey you are currently in. The benefits of doing this are many:

1. Self-Discovery: You get to discover yourself, your potentials, abilities, core-values, ideals, priorities and so on. Do you know who you are?

2. Gratitude: If you have the pages of your life written out, you will always be able to see the faithfulness of God through your Journey. This will also be a great encouragement during trying times. Your diary can be an EPISTLE to yourself.

3. Sharing: I read this quote by Benjamin FranklinIf you would not be forgotten as soon as you’re dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing”.  Keeping a Diary/Journal is a great way to share your life with others. That’s one way you can contribute to the world. You become an ‘open book’ for others to learn from.

There are some other benefits inherent in Reflective Thinking & especially documenting things down. I hope you can share more with me.

Thank you for reading!



PS: You do not want to miss tomorrow’s Awesome Post by my amazing friend, DEYEMI OLORIN featuring #THEREALTESTAMENT.

Have a BRIGHT New Week & a FANTASTIC February!



    1. Hehe..Barrysome! Keeping a diary is one great way to monitor personal growth, but there are other things involved and you know lots of them already. I’m willing to learn some more from you…*smiles*

  1. Becoming an open book is really best gift we can give. thanks for this Requine.The diary part……………I’l work on that. sure the 28days challenge will be awesome

    1. Thanks for reading Bishop Kay…believe me keeping a diary can be exciting & rewarding..oh yeah! the blogging challenge will be a jolly ride by God’s grace.

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