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chemistry class
chemistry class

******                                    SS1-SS3  THINGS                             ******

Here I was in year four, I dropped my pinafore already and I resumed in skirts, it was exciting, I was fatter and skirt fitted me more, I continued in ‘D’ class but had to part with some friends. Now in S.S.1, a new level of maturity set in, so I dropped the dirty and I-don’t-care Attitude of junior days. I also decided to be responsible for a junior student, so I got a school daughter. Did I forget to mention the responsibility that came with being an S.S.1 student? I was allocated to the Toilet for morning duty, I tried my best to shy away from it, but it didn’t work. Fourth year went so fast and I couldn’t wait to get to the fifth year.
I resumed school with smiles in my fifth year. ‘Yes, as a semi-finalist student’ (just like I put it on my exercise books), now I got to a level where I could show some seniority *winks* (you get what I’m saying). However, that year (precisely in the third term), my hopes were dashed; I lost my mum and the excitement disappeared along the line. The rest of my fifth year wasn’t that interesting. Oh, an highlight was the eclipse of the sun that took place, it was so exciting as we students watched it happen live. My friends tried to make the remaining part of the school year fun though.
I resumed 6th year with some level of excitement (being in my final year was a compensation for the loss I experienced in the previous year). The year was just so interesting, I remember getting engaged with this ‘penpalism’ of a thing, it was exciting and a means of distraction from my sorrows. I made newer friends in the junior class, I got so close to a lady with the whole FEGGO syndrome thingy called ‘itchulizing’. The parting gifts part of year six was just so interesting, a lot of gifts received and a whole lot given out. Rushing to the dining-hall was no longer the norm, a full-fledged lady was emerging and some excesses had to be curbed, such as putting-on Dunlop slippers, wearing rumpled house-wear and church-white etc
A lot of things remembered that can’t be put down, a lot of memories, lots of mixed feelings, lots of tears, lots of laughter with dorm-mates and classmates, lots of fights at the tap-area, lots of bad-dress days and so on.


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