As the month of MAY draws to a close, this POST marks the end of the series “STORIES IN PIDGIN”. Although not much, it was a “worthy” and “brain-stimulating” digression. Thank you readers for all the support. Continue to be inspired.



O boy! Welcome to this phase..e no easy. E be like say na yesterday we just dream am for our bed, and today e don come true.

Like one oyinbo man talk “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” (Lao Tzu)

Like play, like play, you don reach the top…by faith and prayer, perseverance and hard-work…you make am. True, true na God win!

Bros! your sleepless nights no be in vain, the days of “soak-and-travel” Garri are over!

Your time to shine don reach, no be yanga. Success na like the sun, you no fit hide am.

All the “hustle and bustle” to finish this struggle no be wasa, I tell you.

Na only you sabi how many miles you waka come here, so person wey wan vex, all the best!

That Certificate, New Job, New House or Marriage na God’s blessing, cos only BABA get the final say…so use am jejely for him glory.

No hide am, no fake am, no trim am, let your SUCCESS motivate others to succeed.

Ready? 5…..4….3…2..and 1!


Oya, go and embrace the PAPARRAZI.

Thank God you made it!

Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” (Proverbs 22:29)

Thank you for reading!



Shakara/Yanga: Show-off

E no easy/No be Wasa: It’s not easy

Like play, like play: Gradually (Step by Step)

Soak and Travel: To allow cereal to soak-in water before eating

Garri: Cassava Flour

WAKA: To walk

SABI: Know

VEX: Get Annoyed

JEJELY: Gently


So this post is as the name implies-ORIGINAL PALAVER. It doesn’t seem to have a “head” or “tail”, but what should be said must be said. Lest I forget, I’m supposed to be writing in PIDGIN…lol.*switches pen*


Okay na, make we yarn small.

“Pikin wey talk say him mama no go sleep, him sef no go close eye”. [NIGERIAN PROVERB]

And our elders talk say “The thing wey old person fit see if he sit down, pikin no fit see am even if he climb ontop iroko tree”. [NIGERIAN PROVERB]



This generation get as e be. As technology dey advance, na so crime and other vices dey multiply. The truth be say, technology don tey. No be today wey new thing dey happen for under this sun. Before dem born our forefathers, there was technology and even after our own pikin, pikin, don born their own pikin, new technology go dey. From Stone age to Bronze Age, to Iron Age and everything in-between, to Jet age and to Internet Age, all these na phases of technology. Ideally, Technology suppose improve not only our standard of living, but our relationship with others. Wetin we see around today na complete opposite. E be like say technology don scatter our moral, cultural and social values. We young People no longer consider the words of reasoning and experience from the elderly.

After her first year in the University, Amarachi fit look her mamma eyeball-to-eyeball and call her “old-school”. Bankole no sabi say even though dem born him Papa for 1960, he was once the “biggest boy” in their hometown. As for Adamu, his 92-year old “Kaka” wey no even attend primary school no fit advise am on the issue of love. Where we suppose take correct advice from our teachers, parents and other experienced folks, we prefer to go over the internet searching for answers from young people like ourselves wey never sabi their left from their right. We don idolize the Movie and Music Industry sote, everything from our “slangs” to our “fashion sense” comes from them.

The truth be say times fit don change, but na the same principles still dey govern life. Na whatever person sow he go reap. Technology no be excuse for yamayama. If your mamma talk say make you no follow dem “wayowayo” boys hangout, it’s in your best interest. And yes, no matter the amount of “free condoms” that get distributed during health campaigns, we all know say “Abstinence na the best way”.

The koko be say, there is wisdom in age and knowledge in experience. We don’t always have to make mistakes of our own before we learn. The knowledge wey our elders don gather in the last 50 years or more will definitely be of immense value to us. Make we use technology as a bonus, and not the standard. We must learn what we can, and pass it to the next generation. Give or take another 20 years from now, more sophisticated inventions go surface, and we the “youths” of this generation, will now be referred to as “old school”.

Before I stop, hear wetin the Holy scriptures talk: The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun”.  (Ecclesiastes 1:9).


Thank you for reading!



PIKIN– A Child

KAKA– Grandmother (in Hausa)

PAPA– Father

MAMMA– Mother

DON: Have

YAMAYAMA: Nonsense

WAYOWAYO: 419/Con Artist

SOTE: To the extent that

SABI: Know

THE KOKO: The point

CHIKENA: That’s all


1- A child who insists that his mom won’t sleep, will have to stay awake as well.

2- What an old man can see while sitting, a young person won’t see it even if he climbs an iroko tree.


In this month of MAY, I’ll be featuring a number of short-stories in PIDGIN. For those who don’t know what PIDGIN is, it’s a “local dialect” (form of English) typically spoken by a number of Nigerians. My intention is to add a bit of spice to my blog by writing this way. I hope you’ll be able to pick up a lesson or more. Enjoy the reading!

PS: Please see the end of the story for the meaning to some of the words I used.


sisi joke1

“Ehm, Tokunbo, you don hear?” Na so she dey start.

Whether na morning or na Evening,

Sisi Joke no dey sit down for her own house.

Na soso wakabout she be, I tell you..

From Mallam Ibro’s shop to Mama Nkem’s beer parlor,

From the Chief’s palace to the Market square,

everyone sabi her for this village.

Amebo na her specialty, Aproko her calling..

In fact, na she dey chair the busy-body club locally.

Anywhere gist dey you go sight am,

whether na person born o or na person die, she dey there.

Any tory whey no sweet, she go spice am,

pepper and salt plenty for her mouth.

Her gists no dey stale, she never dey carry last.

E get many friendships whey she don break,

Plenty marriages nko? she scatter am wella..

She go smile at your face, stab you for back..

To confide in her na DISASTER,

To become her friend na DANGER!

Na so I take God beg you:

Don’t ENTERTAIN her,

Don’t ENGAGE her, and

Don’t ENCOURAGE her.

“Gossips can’t keep secrets,

so never confide in blabbermouths”. (Proverbs 20:19 MSG)

Sisi Joke, when you go change?


Thank you for reading!


Sisi Joke: Young lady named “JOKE”.

Amebo/Aproko/Busy-body: A tale-bearer.

Sabi: Know.

E get: There are.

Wakabout: A person that goes from one place to the other.

Tory/Gist: An Event.