Back & Stronger…

[Curtain opens]

*Scene 1*

Act 1#

(Background Music plays ‘Waters Edge’ by Aaron Barnhart)

NARRATOR: It is a great honor tonight to welcome back this deliberate young woman who has insisted on making efforts to write and publish on this blog (even though she is not a seasoned writer), she has been away for so long and some might have been wondering what the latest is. For those who are new here and don’t know her too well, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the ‘brain-behind-eunicesmiles blog’ Miss IKEADE (popularly known as REQUINE). She has few words for the house.

*hands over mic*

IKEADE: (smiling) Thank you all for this awesome privilege and it really feels good to be back. I want to take my time to welcome specially the ‘first-timers’ to this blog, I’ve been properly introduced in one of my earlier posts, so please take time to go through. I also want to thank all you ‘returnees’ for visiting this blog again. I hope you all get inspired every time you come. I’m not taking much of your time tonight, I just want to let you know that I am back for good. I had some unpleasant circumstances not too long ago and although I’m still recuperating, I can categorically tell you that the worst is now over. This short piece below is dedicated to all my fans home and abroad, soon enough we’ll get more articles rolling in. Thank you all for your patience!

***    ***    ***   ***   ***    ***  



We’ve been away,

away for long,

but now we are back,

and back to stay…


A lot of things,

too many to share,

have come along,

to test our faith…


What happened to me, myself & I,

were things that we didn’t imagine could be…

The thoughts of them still make us sigh,

Sometimes we close our eyes and cry…


Our will was broken,

Our strength was shaken,

Our hearts were melted,

Our desires were taken…


Those days were like nightmares,

bad dreams that kept coming,

no one could be trusted,

not even our own shadows…


But now we are here,

cos we’ve been there,

when life wasn’t fair,

and the enemy sneered..


God’s word came through,

the same word that is true,

in all that we’ve been through,

his word remained so true…


The worst is now over,

it’s time to start over,

to sing new songs all over,

and trust God to take over…


We are older and wiser,

We are better and larger,

We are tougher and stronger,

Through it all, we are greater…


Though several days have come and gone,

We didn’t forget from whence we came…

the times we spent, the things we shared,

the thoughts we had, the dreams and plans…


To everyone that checked on us,

taking time to see how we fared,

We want to say thanks to you all,

And more of you we hope to see…


We’ve been away,

away too long,

but we hope this time,

we’ve come to stay…


Signed: Me, Myself & I.


***   ***    ****    ***    ***   ***

IKEADE: Thank you for listening.

*bows head* and *hands over mic*


NARRATOR: Well…that was touching! We hope you recover fully and see more of you on this blog often. For those of you who did not know, REQUINE decided to adopt and also go by the name ‘IKEADE’ which means ‘Crownly Care’…I hope someday, she’ll shed more light on that. That ends the show for tonight, thank you all for coming.


*Music fades*

[Curtain falls]

____THE END_____