Housejob Chronicles: Memoirs of an Ex-Houseofficer (4)

1. Can we meet you?

I’m Dr Suberu Peter Omeiza. I graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State in February 2017.

2. What was your favorite posting, and why? 

O and G, by a thousand miles!

The grimace on the face of a newborn when they let out that first sweet cry. The dramatic change in countenance of the mother immediately after delivery. 

Then I like the finiteness of ObGyn stuff. Unlike other specialties, you can finish knowing O and G. And as person wey no too like book, na ObGyn be the way. 

And finally, something in my heart draws me there!

3. What was your least favorite posting, and why? 

Surgery, of course. The work was too much. 
That posting temporarily “destroyed” my cooking career and made me indulge in lots of junk food, much to the detriment of my finances.

4. Your best call ever?

Calls where I slept all through, in which the “God of calm calls” manifested his power. 

And yes there’s a God of calm calls, they that know this shall eat the fruit thereof. 

5. Your worst call ever?

Any call I did not have time to prepare for psychologically. 

(A word for the would-be Intern: Never accept sudden calls, and avoid extra calls by all means, they will drain you).

6. Nicest chief you worked with:

Dr Palma Dennis

A humble and very approachable Chief. When he rebukes he does so in love, he is stressless and apt to teach. 

7. Most admirable consultant 

Dr. Temitope Odi, Paediatric Surgeon

One of the very few consultants I worked with that wasn’t fault-finding. 

He had a way of relating with residents and interns not as subordinates but as colleagues, and created a relaxed atmosphere for his team to work in.

I also admire him for his empathy. One morning after a busy call, he noticed how tired and unkempt I looked and instructed rage SR to give me an hour for me to freshen up. 

By his example, I know a man can rise in the medical profession as a Christian without giving in to pride.    

8. Most likely specialty, and why? 

O and G. You know why. 😀😇

9. Most unlikely specialty, and why?

Surgery. You also know why😏🙄

10. Three life lessons from housejob:

i) Money is a defence.

Most of the preventable mortalities I saw during Housejob were patients that were either illiterate, poor or both. They usually present late and cannot afford their medications and investigations. 

And the broke patient is the nemesis of the House officer, they make the HOs work harder. 

My counsel: Do whatever good it takes to become wealthy; it can and will prolong your life.

ii). Relationships are golden.

The good things of this life come from God but through men. A good relationship can sometimes prove more valuable than even money. 

I remember when my younger sister was sick and managed at the A&E, I’ll never forget the kind of favour we were shown by my colleagues and the other health workers.

Getting my housejob slot itself was a miracle of relationship. It came from God, but through two men. God helps men using other men, neglect this to your detriment. 

iii). We are pilgrims

When all is said and done, we shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ to give account of lives. 

There is a world that is to come. Having watched some patients die, I have the consciousness of this world that is to come strong in my mind. 

My counsel: Strive to be great not only in this world, but also in that which is to come, because this world is temporal and that world is eternal.

11. Thankful about:

The people I met.

12. Most embarrassing moment during Housejob:

A presentation on Urethral Catheterization I had in Urology unit, where the Consultant lysed me with stuff. 

Despite my supposedly adequate preparation (we’ve been moving stuff on this topic since 400l na), it was a bloody experience! 😭😭😭

13. Happiest day during Housejob:

The day it all ended October 31st 2018. I felt free, relieved and lifted.

14. Something to miss about Housejob:

No, someone I’ll miss; Dr Adeniran.

15. Rate your Housejob experience on a scale of 1-5:

3 (It was pretty fun)

16. Call food: Yay or Nay? 


17. Longest day during Housejob?

Can’t think of one🤔

18. Unforgettable patient?

None in particular. 

19. Any regrets?

Three things.

1) Not starting a Houseofficers Christian fellowship.

 A one-hour weekly or fortnightly fellowship would have helped in fostering togetherness and the fear of God among us. 

2) Not prioritizing savings over investments. 

Before investing you should have accumulated money in a savings account for at least a year.

The bigger the money, the easier it is to multiply it, the more careful you’ll be and the less the chances of losing it. 

3) Choosing NPMCN ObGyn primaries over IELTS. 

Raw waste of 90k. 😩😫

20. New skills learnt?

– Composure (ability to remain calm however bad the patient’s condition is. Fretting is dangerous)

– Responsibility 

– Several basic medical and surgical skills.

21. Favorite mantra:

“This life na standing fan”

A quote from one of our colleagues, Dr Ibenu Joshua. He says it playfully to imply that things in this life (good and bad) go round and come around.

I find the mantra interesting because of how accurately it applies to success and opportunities. 

Opportunity doesn’t come but once. It moves around like standing fan. Whether or not you are ready for, it will come. 

If you miss it once, it’ll go and come again. It’s an act of God’s mercy. But blessed is that man that opportunity meets prepared, he is made for life.

22. If not Medicine, then what?

Business (Website development, software development, graphic design, digital marketing) and Word Ministry.

23. Shout out to (tag 3 HOs):

My first shoutout goes to my roomie and friend, Dr Muluh Idris. A kind and tolerant person and very easily one of the nicest people I know. 

Then Dr Adeniran Eunice. She was my go-to person for gist, word, fun and comfort. Being around her lifts my spirit, always. She is the perfect blend of beauty, wisdom, spirituality and love. A real friend. A feminist whose feminity is very much intact. 

Also, Dr Ameh Emmanuel, a gentle man to the core. Almost always smiling. He works with a lot of dedication. Working with him in OnG posting was one of the pleasant moments I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

24. What next after housejob? 

I’ll wait on God to receive strength and Word for the assignment that lies ahead (during NYSC). 

After service, I’ll go wherever God wants and do whatever He wants, be it the PLAB/Canada pathway, residency in Nigeria or full time Word Ministry.

25. More important as a HO, skill or stuff? 

Skill joor, who stuff epp? We’ll get the stuff when we come back for residency.

26.  Thank you for sharing your Housejob experience:

<Smiles> It’s my pleasure.


Editor’s Note:

Dr. Peter fondly called SPO, is an enthusiastic, self-motivated and multitalented friend. My go-to person for everything technical, a world class personal financial coach in making, and a generally lovely person to hangout with.

He’s a dynamic young man whose faith in God is beyond the tangible things. His passion on almost any topic is contagious and you can hardly miss his voice when you’re together in a room. 

When he’s not reading a good book, he enjoys playing a soccer game, listening to a sermon/music or watching an action movie. 



Book Review|| Lioness arising

Author: Lisa Bevere

Genre: Christian, Non-fiction 

How I came about the book?

It was one of the several books I got as a gift back in TFSA days.


I heard about Lisa Bevere for the first time from the amazing CoachE, our mentor at the TFSA. She gushed so much about her that I knew without a doubt that I’d get blessed reading one of her books.


Who a lioness is:

A lioness is more than a companion to the lion. She has something which is fierce, wild, and at the same time beautiful.

She rises to gather strength, greet/groom others, hunt, move the young to safety, confront the enemies that threaten the pride and walk alongside her king. 

A lioness is at ease with strength and at rest with power. She lives in the light and hunts in the dark.

A lioness knows her beauty is revealed in her strength. It is captured in what her body can actually do, not merely in how it looks. Her attractiveness is undeniable, because her power is unquestionable.

She’s not overwhelmed by the need to lose weight; she focuses on the need to gain strength.

On embracing our stretch and engaging our strength:

We will reach no further without a stretch. The ability to stretch produces flexibility. It is time to enlarge the way we see and interact with life.

The lioness knows she must stretch, before she attempts a pounce. Your strength is not to be feared, it is to be embraced.

We are called to be both virtuous and capable. We need to be capable of whatever is necessary. 

Our call to spiritual warfare:

There’s nothing more dangerous than being in the presence of lions wide awake.

We are truly frightening to our enemy and he has done everything in his power to contain us. He knows he cannot get close enough to capture and chain us if we are fully awake and mobile. To counter, he sedates us so that we might not do the things God has called us to do. But we must wake up, rise up, remember who we are, and confront the evil in this world with light- Lisa Bevere.

When you are awake to what God is doing, then you will know what you are to do! 

Our mandate as women:

We are not some group of straggling, struggling, fatherless refugees who are overcome by sin and wondering if there is a God. We are the collective body of Christ, and as such we are destined for triumph, victory, and signs and wonders. 

God encourages daughters young and old to bring our solutions to the world’s problems. The world is yet to see what it looks like when Christian women, individually and collectively, are fully awake and dangerous.

Ask God to fill your mind with the idea of a lioness in whatever shape, form, or container he wants to use to inspire you.
The world needs you, lovely lioness sister, not to merely wake up, but to give expression to your God-given, fierce side. 

When you are awakened, you can’t help but respond. Don’t confuse being awakened with being upset.

God does not reveal himself as limitless in order to limit us. God did not save us to tame us.

Confusion happens when our focus is on avoiding bad rather than on doing good. Evil is overcome with good. Evil is not displaced by rules or by hiding from it.

God is not looking for people who act like Christians. He wants us to be Christians! The word Christian means “anointed or Christlike one.” Jesus did not go around “being good”; he went around “doing good”.

In light of this charge, God does not need a band of domesticated daughters who spend their days baking and behaving well. Nothing wrong with baking, but if that is all we do, God won’t use us to change history.

Jesus’ concern for us is holiness and not hygiene.

On becoming pillars of strength and raising others up:

God uses hardship as a catalyst for making his people pure, precious, and sustainable.

Just as physical activity decreases rather than increase muscle strength, so spiritual busyness does not build spiritual strength. It distracts and drains us from God’s work.

Allow the weight of God’s Word and the tempering and training of the Holy Spirit to quicken and develop the weak or injured areas of your life.

Shift your focus from how you look in your clothing to who you are in your spirit.

None of us will truly find fulfillment until we realize our place as one who lends strength to many.

Our strength is for service and not status.

Turning back or waiting for others slows you down, but only at first. The deliberate extension of goodness, generosity, and wisdom always wins out in the end.

Sometimes those who falter simply need a glance back from a sister who is already safely there. The look back is enough to communicate, “Hey, sister! I am out here, and not only is it all clear … it is all good!

We would be wise to learn the truth: taking less now does not mean having less in our future. 

If you forget your fierce and fearless nature, then all who look to you for protection and guidance will be at risk. 

On mutual gender responsibility and service:

Healthy lions and lionesses know they need one another. They would never dream of doing life without one another. In their world one strength is no less important than the other.

Consider this: the prefix sub means “under,” and mission is an assignment. Put them together, and we can draw a conclusion that submission means “under the same assignment or mission.”

God wants us all—male and female—to tell everyone what he is doing! 
Lionesses understand they are under the same mission as the lion. What is their mission? Their mission is to establish a generation of lions with legacy and strength.

Gender alone does not qualify a man to lead, just as gender alone should not disqualify a woman. Virtue qualifies both male and female. In the lion world, there is no gender confusion. Lions are not trying to be lionesses, and lionesses are not trying to be lions. 

Neither gender copies or competes for the role of the other. Both are comfortable in their skin and celebrate the unique strengths of their respective gender.  

Healthy lions and lionesses know they need one another. They would never dream of doing life without one another. In their world one strength is no less important than the other. The lion protects; the lioness provides.

Dear lioness sister, men are not our problem. This issue runs much deeper. Satan is our enemy and a deceiver who strips both genders of their dignity.

On accepting others and the folly of competition:

The lioness greeting and grooming is symbolic of how we show acceptance and belonging to one another.

No one can rush a sunset or delay the sun’s rise, so lionesses are patient and intentional.

Prowess cannot be forced or faked, but it can and should be developed. If you have it, you own it.

Prowess is what makes the lioness powerful. She’s not frightened by her strength. On the contrary, it comforts her.

Lionesses hunt together, without competition and without breaking rank. No woman’s portion or contribution is more significant than another’s.

Individuality is not born through comparison, copying, or competition.

No one invites you to their world in order for you to pretend to be someone else. They want you.

God is inviting us to be part of the hunt, we are not called to live in isolation. Boundaries are important, but God is safe to invite in. 

On following God’s leading:

Darkness complicates and confuses what is simple and obvious by light. Not only does our God want us to live in the light; he wants us to live light.

Where there is light, there is revelation.

God longs to have a people who will turn the world’s attention to him.

Sometimes it is okay not to know it all but to simply believe that there is a much grander drama going on behind the scenes than we can fathom.

As God’s light increases, there will be a divine prophetic awakening. God will give us eyes to see what he is doing, ears to hear what he is saying, and the boldness to speak his Word with authority.

When we are filled with God’s light, we will truly extract the lost from darkness. 

People have the same needs everywhere, but not all people have the same resources.

Let us be faithful stewards and multiply our prosperity well. You are blessed to bless others. Countless places need the blessing you can bring. 

 “You have been preparing your whole life for this moment. You are well able to do this and do it well. You will do this in an attractive, godly, irresistibly wise way.” This is the attitude we should have when God calls us to do something extraordinary. 

God wants you to live in a place of amazement and wonder, not in a domain of rules and duty. Allow his voice to stir something profoundly untamed and deeply wild within you!

In order for you to be effective, you must be settled in the reality that God is right there with you. This postures you not to fear, no matter what others say or do.

There are voices from your past—voices of family, voices of disappointment, and voices of fear—that intermittently yell and whisper, “Turn aside! Turn back. You might fail. You might get hurt.” These voices urge you to protect yourself.

The devil is neither a true sheep nor a true lion. He’s a wolf who sometimes pretends to roar as a lion and sometimes clothes himself in sheep skin.

Jesus is both a true lion and also the lamb upon the throne.

Why roar?

We were created to hear the voice of the creator. A God-whisper is sacred and worthy of our attention. Everything out loud starts with a whisper. Whispers are the dialect of mysteries and foretelling.

Sometimes those who sought to listen no longer have the ears to hear because God sounded different from what they were expecting. 

When God whispers, it’s in our best interest to record it, the method we use doesn’t matter.

Don’t ask others to tell you what only you can hear. God is willing to speak to all who are quiet to hear.

Seasons of quiet listening are uncomfortable but it is a process we must go through if we’ll find ourselves connected to God.

Being connected with others who have heard the whisper is amazing, empowering and freeing.

What we hear in a whisper must be spoken out in kindness, clarity, strength and anointing. 

A roar is not a super loud shout, it is a fearless proclamation. 

We are not the lion, but it has fallen to us to give voice to our Lion’s roar. Jesus alone is the Christ and the Lion of Judah. We are his followers who echo his roar.

The lion roars to proclaim and protect its territory, which terrifies invaders and sets boundaries in place.


This was such a captivating (but long) read, and especially a timely reminder that as a woman, I carry so much within me. 

I’m not ordinary, I have divine assets to deliver solution to specific challenges in my generation. 


Now that we are awake, we must pray that God will multiply our efforts as we magnify his light. 

Prayer is our most powerful reason for gathering. We will need heaven’s protection, wisdom, and strategies to wage this war.

“We roar to call in the lost. Our sound will guide the young and wandering safely home. 
We shake the air to check the movements of trespassers, enemies, and thieves. 
Together we raise the roar to protect our young from death and destruction. We will not face the darkness in silence.”


Every daughter of God who wants to gain an insight into what only God can do through her. 

Thank you for reading! 



The Girl’s Guide: DIY- Foot Soak and Scrub.

Hey ladies,

Welcome back to the Girl’s Guide. 

Like I shared in the maiden edition of this segment, there are lots of interesting posts to look forward to here. 

For this post, I’ll be sharing tips on caring for cracked feet.

Having well groomed feet is something that boosts my self-confidence because I struggled with feet calluses while in boarding school and it was so embarrassing.

Taking care of your feet is easier and cheaper than you can imagine. 


Here are the materials you’ll need:

i. A Pumice stone or Foot file. 

Image: Pumice stone.

ii. Some lotion (Here I used my hand lotion actually) 

iii. Warm water 

iv. A small towel 

v. A medium sized lemon

vi. Olive oil (coconut oil or baby oil can also be used).


Step 1: Put some warm water into a bowl or bucket, add a tablespoon of the oil of your choice. 

Step 2: Cut the lemon into two halves, then squeeze one half of the lemon into the warm water and oil mix.  

Step 3: Soak both feet for at least 10 minutes, while listening to music or reading a good book. 

Step 4: Take the remaining half of the lemon and rub on the heel of each foot, then discard. 

Step 5: Scrub underneath each foot with your stone or file, for about 3 minutes each, starting from the heel. 

Step 6: Re-soak both feet for another 5 minutes, then wipe dry with a clean towel. 

Step 7: Put a generous portion of lotion in your palm, then rub and massage each foot for at least 2 minutes.

Step 8: Your feet are as good as new. You may decide to trim your toe nails and paint them.



Taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of your face, because when all is said and done, happy feet contribute to a healthy body. 

Here are other footcare tips:

  • Wash and dry your feet well. After thoroughly washing your feet with soapy water, ensure you dry them well to prevent infections like athlete’s foot. 
  • Cut your toenails carefully. Cutting your toenails at an angle can increase the risk of ingrown nails. 
  • Wear the right shoes always. There’s an appropriate shoe for every outing. 

How healthy are your feet and how do you care for them? Please share.



March|| 5 Survival Tips For Your Next Level

Hello fam,

I have some Goodnews!

Yours truly recently landed a job. 💃💃💃

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know I’ve been job hunting (post housejob) for a while now.

Remember the job offer one of my friends called me about in this post?

Well…I got it (miraculously, cos the job needed me too..haha) and I’ve since ported to Ilorin.

Tbh, the move came with mixed feelings cos I was already comfy with living at home and being involved in my local church.


Still, I’m thankful the job came when it did cos baby girl was quarter to being broke…😂😂😂

The first few days of my job were very challenging because there was so much to learn.

Private medical practice is just so different from working in a Government hospital. 

Here, you have to find the fine balance between pleasing your employer, pleasing your clients and doing your job.

I panicked a few times and actually thought of quitting *face palm*

But God was gracious enough to send me his word which gave me so much peace and a sense of direction.

Whether you just landed a new job like me, you recently got married or you’re a first time parent, being in the next level can be so overwhelming that sometimes you feel like returning to your old life just like the Israelites in Numbers 11:5

Can you imagine???😱

From my own experience, here are a few survival tips that can help you transition into your new level:

1. Pray:

A period of transition, is an intense opportunity to pray. Among other things:

  • Prayer gives you clarity and focus.
  • Prayer gives you strength and stamina.
  • Prayer gives you resources and divine strategies.
  • Prayers gives you leverage over your contemporaries through the help of the Holy spirit.

 God wants you to succeed in your next level, so no matter the challenges you may be facing, he cares.

“Leave all your worries with him, because he cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7 GNB

2. Relax:

Now that you have arrived at your next level, don’t be on overdrive.

It’s natural to want to prove your worth. But you don’t have to prove anything in your human strength.

Here’s Gods promise for you:

“Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.”

Isaiah 66:9 KJV

The Lord who brought you to your next level is able to sustain you. Trust him and keep learning.

3. Retreat

To retreat is to withdraw to a safe and quiet place. A time of transition is a perfect time for solitude. 

When you retreat, you conserve your energy, time and even your money.

As a newbie in your next level, you’re still trying to figure out a lot of things, so you can’t be going everywhere or doing everything like before.
You may even need to let go of some friends, habits or hobbies. 

Stop wishing for your old life, a new phase is here. Give it the attention it needs so that you can blossom.

4. Plan:

The next step is to Observe and Strategize.

You need to put in a lot of hardwork into planning and executing than you did before. 

Don’t just sit and allow life to happen to you, make a conscious effort to happen to life.

What worked for you last year may not work for you this year.
What worked for you in your old job may not work for you in your new job. 
What worked for you as a Bachelor may not work for you as a married man. 

However, this is not to cause you despair, because not everything can be to your disadvantage.

In fact, something has to be working in your favor. Look for that one thing and make the most of it.

A new level demands a new you. 

5. Adapt.

The last step is to adapt  i.e. make the necessary adjustments.

So what is your action plan?

Now that you have arrived at your next level, what vital steps are you willing to take so that you can succeed?

Are there some adjustments you must make to have a more productive lifestyle?

Here’s my action plan for my new job:

  • Be Punctual to work (as much as possible)
  • Have breakfast everyday (a hungry doctor is an angry doctor 😜)
  • Stay cheerful (no matter how stressed out I feel)
  • Learn something new daily (within or outside work)
  • Find time to rest and play (all work and no play…)

Of course there will be challenges in this new phase of your journey, however,

 Challenges are not meant to frustrate you, but to motivate you.

Finally, the goal in your next level should not just be for you to survive but to thrive.

Cheers to the new you and Happ new month!