Today’s writer is a passion-driven young man. An upcoming Gospel Artiste whose music is divine and I happen to be his number 1 fan…lol. When he writes, it’s from his soul and the words ring true. To me, Matthew 5:16 is what this article is about. Calmly read & ponder on those words. Be blessed.

Yea! I know Jesus is our masterpiece for righteous living. But there’s just some set of people who merely thinking about them, make you wanna live a righteous life. The thought of them kinda gives you strength to overcome your temptations and move on in faith. Their names are not in the new or old testament. I’ve found them in my life’s RealTestament. They’ve become more like the Jesus I can hug and peck and shake hands with and talk to as flesh and blood.
I call them my ‘Other Jesuses‘ cos their lives have always pointed me in the way of JesusChrist.

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Thank you for reading!

PS: I know you won’t want to miss this awesome post tomorrow (DAY 3) by my loaded brother BARRYSOME featuring ‘The Waiting Syndrome’. See you then.


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