14 Ideas For Self-love on February 14th.

Hello Fam,

Today’s post is a special edition.

Self-love is to be cultivated, whether you are single or attached to someone. 

Even if you have been married for years, it’s great to be able to allocate time to nurturing your soul, body and spirit. 

While true self-love is an every moment affair, February 14th is a day to remind us all about its importance.

If you are single, looking for love and feeling down about being without a date on valentine’s day, you may be inclined to believe that you are the most unlucky person in the world. 

So instead of thinking of how you can have a great time by yourself, you are already stuck in self-pity.

Ask yourself these questions. 

– Do I have an affection for myself? 

– Do I celebrate my small wins or am I always critical about every decision I take? 
– Am I devoted to myself?

– Do I spend enough time/money/energy to take care of myself? 

– What do I appreciate about myself? 

My skin?

My voice?

My weight?

My personality?

My talents?

Self love is about learning to fall in love with everything that makes you, you. 
Many people expect others to love them unconditionally without loving themselves first. 

To put Selflove into practice, it must be reflected in your attitude, words and actions.

Here are 14 ideas for selflove on February 14th:

1. A candle-lit dinner for one.

Complete with wine, background music, scented flowers and of course Dessert!!! 

This is an opportunity for you to get to know you. 

Learning to be comfortable in your own company helps to boost your self-confidence.

2. Karaoke.

And it doesn’t have to be in a club. 

Why not inside your bedroom? 

It doesn’t matter whether you know how to sing or dance, or not.

Create a playlist. 

Get silly. And have fun.

3. Lunch date for one.

If the idea of setting up a candle lit dinner seems rather too fancy, then go on a lunch-date or maybe a solo-picnic. 

Whatever you can afford. 

Take time to spend time with yourself. 

Hang out with your spirit, soul and body. 

Get to know your likes, your dislikes, your passions/interests, what keeps you going on tough days etc. 

4. Write a letter to yourself and list out every amazing quality you can think of. 

Many of us are way too critical about ourselves. We simply don’t know how to appreciate our efforts. 

5. Medical check up:

February 14th is an especially good day to have your body checked. 

That doctor’s office visit you’ve been postponing for the last one year, how about you make it today?

6. Mental reset:

February 14 is definitely a good day to let go of negative energy and be healed of painful memories. 

Decide today to leave that abusive relationship and cut out from an environment that is continually toxic to your mental health. 

7. Pamper your body: 

An important aspect of self-love, is self-care.

Whether it’s a pedicure, new hairdo, body massage, face scrub, or simply painting your finger nails, give your body a treat it will thank you for. 

8. Watch a fun movie. 

You don’t have to go to a cinema. 

Just set up one right in your living room or on your bed complete with a pack of buttered popcorn (or hotdogs) and drink. 

And it doesn’t have to be a romantic movie.

9. Start the day with Personal reflection. 

Personal reflection helps you to acknowledge and show gratitude for the things you have. 

It also boosts your self esteem by helping you to gain clarity and focus on the things that truly matter. 

10. Buy yourself a gift: 

Whether it’s a bouquet of scented flowers, some bars of chocolate or a customized mug, February 14 is a good day to splurge on yourself!

11. Take a morning/an evening walk.

It’s such a simple gesture that doesn’t take much from you but gives you the opportunity to observe and appreciate the scenery around you. 

12. Make an anonymous donation:

Maybe you’ve been considering this for a while. Why not do it today?

13. Check up on an old friend. 

The dividends of your self-love can also extend to others. 

Be the reason that someone gets to smile today. 

14. Find time to pray!!!

Self love is incomplete if your spiritman is not refreshed. 

Having Fellowship with God is an everyday affair and February 14th should be no exception.

Also it’s a good opportunity to show appreciation to the greatest lover of all times, who loves us all unconditionally -Jesus.


Which of these is your favorite? Do you have other selflove ideas for today?

Please share.




The Girl’s Guide|| Beauty Care Corner.

Hey Ladies,

Welcome back to the Girl’s Guide.

In this post I’ll be reviewing and rating some of the beauty products (and toiletries) I currently use and also recommending a few of them.

I’d love your feedbacks and recommendations. 

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post by the way.



1. Kotex panty liners* 

Price: N330 – N350

Rating: 4/5

I’ve tried other brands but I always come back to this. It’s feather-light and fits into my underwear easily plus the fragrance is so mild that you’d hardly notice it. 

2. Always ultra sanitary pads* 

: N650 – N700

Rating: 4.5/5

This is one of the oldest products I’ve used (over 15 years), it’s a bit pricey compared to others but the quality is super.

I especially like how the brand comes in different packages (wingless, heavy flow etc) designed for individual comfort. 

I should become an Always Ambassador someday…lol. 


3. Joy body lotion*

Price: N/A

Rating: 4/5

Decided to try this product last year after randomly picking it off the shelf of a store and I’ve had no regrets. 

I enjoy how soft and soothing it feels on my skin, and it works well for my complexion too.

4. Vaseline blue seal 

Price: N180 – N250

Rating: 4/5

This is another product I’ve used for many years. 

As someone who has a dry skin that whitens out easily, it’s not enough to use a lotion to moisturize my skin, I also have to use an oil based ointment to coat it.

5. Izzi body mist* 

Price: N830 – N850

Rating: 4.5/5

I started using this product about 2 months ago and I absolutely love it. 

It comes in different fragrances and leaves you sweet and fresh all day.

6. Nivea deodorant*

Price: N/A

Rating: 4/5

I’m quite particular about the brand of deodorant I wear because a person’s smell is often the first thing I notice about them (I assume it’s the same for most people too).

For me “you smell nice” is a compliment not an insult.

I like this particular deodorant spray because it’s mild on the nostrils, yet the fragrance lasts almost an entire day. 

7. Sure antiperspirant

Price: N/A

Rating: 3.5/5

I used to be a sworn lover of antiperspirant roll-ons until late last year when I began to react (?contact dermatitis) to a particular brand, so these days I use them sparingly. 

This product has a sweet feminine fragrance that helps you feel refreshed. 

8. Oriflame foot cream

Price: N3500

Rating: 2.5/5

Earlier this year I noticed I was having calluses on my heels because I wasn’t paying so much attention to foot care.

Not long after someone marketed this product to me and it found it really effective though I wish it wasn’t so expensive.

I love the balmy sensation the lotion gives my feet but I don’t care much for the grainy feel it has. 

9. Beauty formula detox cleanser*

Price: N1000 – N1200

Rating: 4/5

This is one of the top beauty products I’ve used this year. 

I picked it off the shelf a few months ago, because I was repeatedly having annoying breakouts on my face which I attributed to work-related stress. 

And this face cleanser worked wonders. I love everything from its fragrance to the gentle, soft, feel on my skin. 

The major downside to this product for me is that it makes my face dry out before the next morning. 

10. Active Woman body spray 

Price: N900 – N1000

Rating: 4/5

I started using this product over a year ago and I enjoy its soft feminine fragrance which is so unlike many other brands that are not as gentle on the nostrils. 

11. Efactory foot soak 

Price: N830 – N850

Rating: 3/5

This is another product that has really helped in my foot care journey.  

It soothes and softens my soles until they feel as new as a baby’s. 

12. Motflix baby wipes 

Price: N440 – N470

Rating: 3/5

Baby wipes have been my thing for a while now, I chiefly use them to wipe off the makeup on my face after a long day.

I am still trying out different brands to see which one suits my skin best. 

I tried this product for the first time because it was pocket friendly compared to the ones I’ve used in the past. 

The only downside was the flap on the lid that wore off quickly so the wipes dried out after some time..arrrgh. 

13. Above oil sheen hair spray

Price: N900 – N1100

Rating: 3/5

I’ve been using this oil based hair spray for a while now.

It helps to keep my hair shining and prevents my scalp from drying out too quickly especially when I’m wearing braids.

My only challenge with the product is that it stings my nose so I end up coughing practically every time I use it.

14. Enchanteur romantic deo spray 

It turned out I’ve changed my mind about this product 🙈😂

Price: N/A

Rating: 2.5/5

Something made me buy this product, I can’t tell what it was. 

As it turns out I’m not a fan of the fragrance cos it’s neither here nor there.

The other day I wore it at work, and a colleague entered my office and teased me about the “powerful scent” so I’ve used it sparingly since then. 

15. Soulmate hair cream

Price: N/A

Rating: 1.5/5

This hair cream is said to have anti-dandruff properties, but I found it disappointing after using the product for a while then took out my hair to discover lots and lots of dandruff. Sighs.

I also didn’t enjoy the greasiness and yellowish spots the cream left in my hair. 

I’ve officially switched to using natural Shea butter as my hair cream, and hopefully I’ll review that some other time. 

16. Extra hold styling gel spray

Price: N/A

Rating: 2.5/5

This product both styles and conditions the hair. 

I especially use it when I twist out my natural hair cos it keeps it moisturized.

17. Premier body soap*

Price: N/A

: 4/5

Dis soap ehn, na the best Naija brand, take am or leave am. 

On a serious note, of all the toilet soaps I’ve tried, Premier soap has topped the chart and it’s not just about the lasting fragrance, I’ve also noticed that it is sensitive for my skin type.

18. Closeup herbal toothpaste 

Price: N300-350

Rating: 3/5

My mum started to promote this brand back home and I simply followed suit. I like it because it doesn’t leave an aftertaste and it removes at least 70% of the plaque on my teeth.


PS: All * products are highly recommended and quoted prices are subject to change. 

Have you used any of these products? 

What beauty products do you currently use and recommend? Please let me know in the comments box.

Thank you for reading!



The Girl’s Guide|| My Mernache Story + 5 Truths I Wish Someone Told Me.

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to this edition of The Girl’s Guide. 

In this post I want to talk about a common topic which is often shyed away from- Menstruation: My personal story and challenges, and a few useful tips.

I hope you find it enlightening.



One Saturday evening in the year I turned 14, I was at home with my mum, younger sister and a relative who was visiting, when I started to experience some cramps in my lower abdomen.

I probably thought it had to do with hunger, because I felt better after we had dinner.

Early the next day while returning from an errand, as I got down from the taxi, a co-passenger told me there was a stain at the back of my skirt- which was so obvious since I was wearing a white skirt (with blue and red stripes).

I wasn’t even embarrassed because I didn’t know how the stain came about. 

However, by the time I got home, I proud feel something warm and sticky in my underwear, so I went to the bathroom to check…

And that’s how my menstrual journey began. 

Thankfully, a few months before while in school (I was in a boarding house), there was a team that gave us a menstrual hygiene lecture and handed out free packs of ALWAYS sanitary towels.

 So that day after having my bath, I used one of the sanitary towels, got dressed and went to church.

My mum got to know later on (maybe I was a little too self conscious all day), and she gave me a lecture on menstruation and related matters. 

No one however prepared me for the physical or psychological stress associated with the package. 

I remember one day, I was at my mum’s shop by myself while having my period, I got so stained and had nothing to change with, so I had to make do with some old newspapers. I’m still traumatized by that memory. 

Anyway, I resumed to school with some trepidation. How do I cope with my menses every month without embarrassing myself in front of my classmates or teachers?

It took a while to get accustomed to properly discarding used sanitary towels without making a big mess and not getting my house wear or school uniform stained. Still happened more times than I care to remember.

I also suffered from moderate to severe menstrual cramps that often rendered me unproductive for a day or two. 

This became the pattern even during my university days. 

I can remember instances of staying back in the hostel while my roommates went for lectures because I couldn’t leave my bed. On my worst days, I would have a bloated stomach, diarrhea, and nausea. I would often go without food all day.

Dysmenorrhea was a horrible nightmare. 

There was a particular day I asked God to take me home, I was done with this world…lol. 

Back then I didn’t use analgesics, but I’m a lot wiser now.  


Here are a few things I wish I knew earlier:

1. Menstruation is NOT a taboo.

Although some cultures and religions place restrictions on a menstruating woman, menstruation is not a taboo.

It is simple physiology. As natural as urinating and defecating. 

It’s not something to be ashamed about whether in school, at home or at work.

2. Dysmenorrhea is NOT a myth.

If you’ve never ever had menstrual pain in your life, Glory to Jesus!

If you’ve ever had it, even if it was mild, come in here for an e-hug🤗

I’ve come across a few people (fellow women inclusive) who have this ignorant notion that only lazy people experience menstrual pain and that the symptoms are often exaggerated.

If you’re on that particular table, receive sense in Jesus’ name!

Menstrual cramps can be so debilitating that it renders you physically and emotionally unable to go about your daily activities.

Related: Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Post-Menstrual Syndrome. 

3. Increased stress levels can alter your menstrual cycle. 

Whether mental or physical, too much stress can delay your period or even make you skip an entire month, which is not a bad thing (unless you’re sexually active and trying NOT to get pregnant hehe…) 

4. Sexual activity does NOT cure menstrual cramps. 

Unless it’s been scientifically proven, it is simply a myth. 

5. Being a Woman is a blessing. 

It’s hard not to hate being a woman because of the physical and psychological stress associated with menstruation. 

Not many societies make it a priority for menstruating women to stay comfortable by providing the necessary resources for proper menstrual hygiene in office buildings and other public areas. 

With a few healthy adjustments to my attitude and lifestyle, my menstrual experience over the years has significantly improved.

||When to see a doctor:

Menorrhagia: When your menstrual flow is too heavy or the duration is prolonged.  

Amenorrhea: When you unexplainably miss your period for more than 3 months. 

Metrorrhagia: When you bleed inbetween your normal menstrual cycle. 

Oligomenorrhea: When you have infrequent or irregular menstruation.

||On Menstrual Hygiene and Tips To Reduce Menstrual Cramps.

1. Dispose used sanitary towels carefully.

Please do NOT flush down a water closet. Instead wrap it in a plastic bag or an old newspaper and drop it in a thrash can.

2. Wash your underwear (stained or not), preferably with lukewarm water and detergent after every use. 

3. Dress smart and walk with confidence.

4. Always go out with extra gear.

Whenever you are menstruating or about to begin your period, don’t forget to take with you a small pouch that contains the necessary items (underwear, sanitary towels etc)

5. Use a hot water bottle to massage your tummy.

6. Keep painkillers handy if you experience menstrual discomfort.

Unless you’re predisposed to peptic ulcer disease or Gastrirtis, NSAIDs are your best bet.

7. Avoid oily diet, soda and caffeine. 

8. Have a Menstrual/Ovulation Cycle Tracker.

I use the Flo App and it’s perhaps the best thing that happened since sliced bread. 


Would you like to share your Menarche Story?

Please send me an email at lolade1512@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!