Chronicles of a Student-Doctor #8


Welcome to the Orthopedics clinic.

Orthopedics is a specialty of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, correction, management as well as prevention of musculoskeletal deformities.

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So have you ever wondered what Orthopedic surgeons actually do? Take a look at this Wikipedia article.
One thing I can tell you though is that contrary to popular opinion, Orthopedic doctors only fix bones, they do not break them. Hence limb amputations are usually left for the general surgeons.

During my posting, we managed conditions involving the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and associated nerves.

Our outpatient clinics were held on Mondays and Fridays, and surgical procedures were held on Thursdays.
Most of our patients presented with fractures of either the upper or lower limbs. We did lots of limb casting for benign fractures (or bone displacement) and open/closed reduction with internal/external fixation for more traumatic ones.

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I found the placement of the limb casts quite fascinating and learnt a thing or two about the procedure.
We also saw cases like Osteomyelitis, Congenital talipes equinovarus (clubfoot), Sciatica, Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, Epicondylitis, Ganglion cyst, Bunions, Blount disease, Osteoarthritis etc

Another fascinating procedure I observed was the management of clubfoot in pediatric patients using the PONSETI METHOD: serial limb castings followed by the placement of Denis brown splint.

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The team worked closely with the Physiotherapy department and our patients were referred to them from time to time.

Image: A physiotherapist at work
During ward rounds and clinics, we reviewed lots of patient’s X-rays and I learnt how to classify the different types of fractures as well as methods for their management.

Image: limb fracture

A good knowledge of upper/lower limbs anatomy was needed for the posting and I spent a considerable amount of time going over stuffs I’d learnt in my first year of medical school.

I found Paul Bolin’s Orthopedic videos on YouTube very helpful too and I highly recommend it.

He also has videos in some other specialties (General Surgery, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology etc) as well.

Another highlight of the posting was that my friend was in the unit too. And having him around meant work was sandwiched with lots of FUN. I’ve written about him previously here and here.

The remaining members of the team were quite helpful too. I had a remarkable experience overall.

Selfie on FLEEK…

So to my favorite part, would I consider a career in Orthopedic surgery? Hardly. The thought of the long hours in the theatre as well as the Manpower required is a NO for me.
Anyway, a big SHOUT OUT to the big guys in Orthopedics department! You guys do a great job.
Another humor..

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PS: Guess who aced her final exam? Yours sincerely. I’m so thankful at the moment. I can’t express my gratitude enough. The sleepless nights and endless studying was eventually worth it. Oghene doh! (Lord Thank You).

Thank you for reading!



Good things come to those who wait,

Good things come and they won’t fail;

Good things come to those who pray,

Good things come so do not faint;

Good things come to people of faith,

Good things come to them and stay;

Good things come with joy and peace,

Good things come with much relief;

Good things come you wait and see,

Good things come, be still and know;

Good things come, O child of God,

Good things come, it won’t be long;

Good things come in God’s own time,

Good things come, right on time!

@REQUINE (2014)

Chronicles of a Student-Doctor #7

Welcome to Family Medicine Clinic. It’s your regular walk-in clinic, where you keep the doctor’s appointment for routine check-up or any acute illness. Everything from Headache to Diabetes to Insomnia to Joint pain to Hypertension, would generally present to our clinic but any case of Emergency is directed to the Casualty department.

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Can I be honest though? My experience in the posting was relatively not so-on-point. And here’s why, I had an unusual Preceptor, with the habit of not being available on several occasions among other issues. That said the not-so-palatable situation was made up for in other ways; like spending lots of time socializing with my colleagues and some friendly nurses.

My favorite activity of all though, was people watching. I love to just randomly watch people sometimes (not in any creepy way though), and working in a relatively busy clinic afforded me that opportunity. I saw a good variety of patients (across different age-groups and social strata). Family Medicine clinic patients are diverse and so are their presentations.

Practically speaking, the posting was one of the easiest in terms of time input and hands-on requirement. I resumed to the clinic around 9:00 each morning and clinic was usually over before noon. The Knowledge base required was however wide and cut across most other medical specialties like: Dermatology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Fellow student-doctors…

A typical day had us seeing a handful of patients  followed by a mini-lecture session by our Preceptor.

When with the nurses at the antenatal clinic, we would assist with the physical assessment of patients, which was quite enlightening.

LEOPOLD’s Manouver (Photo-credit: WEB)

On some days, we attended the child clinic where routine immunizations are given to babies and infants.

I was also able to learn a thing or two about the pap smear procedure from the nurses.  

In summary, the Family Medicine posting required a different approach from the previous postings I had done, but it was a good experience all the same.

So do I think Family Medicine will make a good choice of specialty for me? A number of my colleagues have argued favorably for it as per seeing a variety of medical conditions, plus it has flexible work-hours. Well, I might consider it but I honestly can’t tell yet.

Kudos to all Primary care/Family Physicians. Keep up with the great job.

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Thank you for reading.




And the next set of bloggers I have much admiration and respect for are people of the same /similar caliber or circle (age group, passion, career etc) as I am.

They write with such depth and perspective that I can only marvel at.

To crown it all, these amazing people are believers.

God is awesome.

He created all these BEAUTIFUL MINDS to reflect his grace and glory.

And what an inspiration each of them is! 

I know some of them personally so when I say they rock, I mean it. 

Sometimes I wonder why some don’t write as often. 

I understand that a number of them are busy with life and have other platforms where they reach out to others.

In the meantime, kindly check out their blog sites:


Ede is a sound Christian lady and inspiring writer. She’s also my good friend and colleague.


Oluwanisola or Asholly as I fondly call her is also a great friend, colleague and writer. Her charisma, passion and love for the things of God have endeared many hearts to her. 


Dr. Jemima is another amazing writer who is several steps ahead of me. This lady is exceptionally gifted in what she does.  


Omooba is a young, smart and talented writer. She has a passion for making a remarkable difference in the lives of other young people.


Olaitan is an admirable young woman who writes in a way that brings the words alive. Her use of humor to pass across her message, is one of the things that sets her writing apart.


Andrew is a young and inspiring writer who is passionate about living godly and encouraging as many people as he can to do as well. I love his sharp-mindedness and sometimes unusual use of words.


Bishop Kay is exceptional with his use of words, both in writing and speaking. I’ve known him for a couple of years now and he keeps getting better at what he does. He is such an inspiration.


Thank you BEAUTIFUL MINDS, may your ink never run dry.




This post is not about me per se.

It is about those who have contributed to sharpen my mind into what it is today.

The biblical saying “Iron sharpens Iron” rings true.

Here’s to all the wonderful people that make it such a honor to participate in the blogging community.

I call them the BEAUTIFUL MINDS. They are my favorite bloggers.

The ones who have chosen to lend their voices and be heard across the globe irrespective of race, culture, education, social status or religion.

I’ve sat again and again, to drink from their wells of wisdom and I keep going back for more.

To be honest, my life has been enriched in every way by these BEAUTIFUL MINDS.

Kindly visit their blogs:
1. Adroitmedic’s blog.

He’s my mentor in the Blogville who deserves a special mention for introducing me to a world so beautiful. He’s an amazing writer, a skilled photographer and dedicated doctor.

2. The F.A.B Sister’s blog.

I can’t get enough of what this woman writes. The joy and love Eziaha pours into each of her posts is epic. She is a wife and a mother who portrays how to love and serve God in a practical way. 

3. BeautyBeyondBones.

A real life with real issues. Such an amazing testimony her story is. I love how she writes of her faith  in God at every opportunity.

4. Just us girls Naija.

She makes wifehood, motherhood and ministry look on FLEEK, all to the glory of God. I like that she’s open about her story, struggles and victories.

5. Dr. N’s musings.

Her ongoing fiction series: THE WOMAN I DESERVE keeps me in suspense. Plus she’s a Doctor, a Wife and a Mother too!


Thank you ALL for doing what you know how to do.
You inspire me.


The Valley of decisions.

Hello lovely Freaders! 😍😎☺️

Yeah, it’s a new word I recently learnt that combines- friends + readers.

I’m back from my short break. I had to pause blogging, and face my book (the Nigerian way of saying one is studying) for a while so I could prepare for the exam I had last Friday.

So technically speaking, I’m done with med school, whoop! whoop!! 😅🙃🤓

The feeling I have is beyond what I can adequately describe at the moment; Thankful, Excited, Relieved, Skeptical, Hopeful….it’s a whole lot of MIXED feelings.

But mehn, I gatz to TESTIFY. God is good.

(Photo-credit: WEB)
Moving on, I have to keep you up-to-date with my Medical School Journal series, and round it up very soon I hope.

Before then, let me do a little house-keeping.

It’s June and it’s being a beautiful month so far. I almost can’t believe it’s mid-year already, how awesome God is. I still remember the way 2016 started, with all the declarations, expectations, plans and so forth. It’s just like yesterday you know….

Hello, NEW YEAR!
So like I said, Everything about June has been on point:

1. The timely WORD. Philippians 4:13 [AMP].

I’m at a phase of my life where decisions must be weighed and made, because so many things are at stake.

How do I balance taking risks with caution? 

How do I balance my faith with common sense? 

How do I face the larger and unknown world by myself? 

Am I really ready for life?

2. The timely SONG. Oceans (where feet may fail).

I love the idea of having a song in my spirit at every phase of life I find myself in. This song is just it at the moment. Every single verse speaks volume to me.

You can find the lyrics to the song here.

3. Still on the book of GENESIS.

It’s been an insightful read so far. I never thought Genesis could be that deep. Currently on CHAPTER 24, the story of how Abraham’s servant found REBEKAH for Isaac. The Holyspirit helps to bring the word of God alive in my spirit. And what more, it is so timely for this phase of my life.

Thankfully, I can study the bible with the help of these two bible commentaries on my Bible study App. 

There’s nothing like being FED on the WORD and being LED by the SPIRIT of God on a daily basis. I’m still learning how to cultivate the habit of MEDITATION. I mean literally chewing on and digesting the WORD of God. There is no lack where the word abounds.

4. Listening to JOYCE MEYER‘s PODCAST series.

The teachings have been on point. I’m so loving what I’ve learnt. She recently taught on how focusing on developing Good HABITS can easily get rid of the bad ones. I was literally wowed.


5. Currently reading:


Hmmmn…I’m still not done yet, taking the book in a sip at a time.

Can’t get enough of this book…

Eye-opening and mind-blowing. You can’t read it and remain the same!

6. My two amazing friends’ birthdays:

I blogged about them before here and here.

June 1st:

ZOE- This brother is an AWESOME package, whether we’re prayingplaying or studying, he’s always just on point literally. Infact, I’m short of words…

June 12th:

OLUWATOYIN- My friend of 6 years plus and still counting. In describing her recently, I said she turned my life around a complete 180 degrees, that’s without even trying to. She’s all of these and more:

TTenacious. When she’s DETERMINED, she’s hyper-DETERMINED! She’s a Goal-getter per excellence.

OOutstanding. God-factor ✅ Brains ✅ Fashion ✅ Personality ✅ Domestication ✅. My dear friend is a completely complete woman in Christ!

YYouthful. Energetic babe. Always singing and smiling, wining and dining…living life on the FAST & FABULOUS lane. She’s one of the reasons I appreciate non-conservative people. My friend can really be a SANGUINE like that.

IInspiring. This one is a no-brainer. From simply doing chores, to studying or singing, I love to watch my friend cos there is a lot to learn. TY challenges me to do better.

NNice. I’m not kidding, she’s at least 3 times Nicer than I am. I know cos we’ve lived together for almost 3 years. The way she cares for and relates with People is so amazing. She’s an easily likable person.

Because it’s her birthday….

That is all for now folks.

I’ll keep trusting God for the rest of JUNE and beyond. I’ll give updates of what is happening with/around me from time to time.

Thank you for reading!