Yes, and that’s why I’ve been away for such a long while.

In this race called medical school, there will always be different kinds of exams…

While all are necessary, some are very significant and their outcomes will determine the next phase.

Enough said.

I hope you understand.



***      ***      ***      ***      ***      ***


I did not start with a topic in mind.

I do not have a topic in mind.

I have a lot of things running through my head instead.

There are more questions than answers,

and those questions involve whys, whens, whats and the likes…


I could start with a random question like ‘Why is the ocean blue’?

or a dreamy question like ‘What is the White House like’?

or perhaps a rhetorical question like ‘When will the world end’?

I don’t know the answers and maybe I don’t need them too

At least for now…

I don’t intend to make this post a long one,

and so I think I will be back soon

and I hope with a strategic topic in mind,

but just before I go, I want to ask you:


How much is too much?

I’m speaking of love, of trust, of diligence, of perseverance, of kindness, of hope, of faith…

Of every possible positive virtue you can think of, the list is endless_

When is it too much? What makes it too much and Why is it too much?

***      ***      ***      ***      ***      ***

[[To be Continued…]]




Day 11 – Polypharmacy

Now this is hilarious but sadly true…in our walk with God, specificity is key! So help us God…

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Edward sat behind the consulting table listening to the woman explain the history of her presenting complaint. She said a chemist diagnosed her of high blood pressure after examining her with his sphygmomanometer. She had begun treatment for hypertension ever since then and had been faithful with the drugs. This threw Edward into confusion. The blood pressure he recorded wasn’t representative of a patient who has been regular on drugs.

Edward then popped the question that which drugs was she given? Then she replied that, Likita, those drugs are plenty ooo, e reach like 8. Edward could not believe his ears; he kept his cool enough to ask her if it was hypertension plus another condition to which she responded that it was hypertension only. He began to wonder which classes of drugs had to be combined to give 8 drugs and still not tip the patient into hypotension…

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When the Morning comes…


So, I’ve been officially introduced…

Thanks to everyone who has visited this blog, and to those who gave their compliments.

I hope I try to meet some of your expectations sooner or later. I did not think I would be doing this until Yesterday, and I’m eager to know if I would still want to do this after today.

I probably won’t have something to share everyday, every week, every month (or every year…lol) , although I hope the blog wont go back to being dormant.

For those who know many things about blogging, please feel free to share some tips or ideas with me.

I really hope to inspire you all through this blog once in a while and I hope you inspire me too with your sincere comments, opinions and advice.


** ** ** ** ** **

What I’m about to share was originally written a few years back. Sometimes, I find myself in a state of turmoil, with life’s challenges a bit overwhelming…at such moments, all I want to do is give up…it was on one of these occasions I got the inspiration to write this:


Sometimes it is hunger, atimes it is pain, even in the night time, some things make me cry. Whenever I am down-cast, one thing keeps me going, for at the tunnel’s end a bright light lies…. I can only imagine what life is without Christ, hopelessness and despair a daily dosage each, in and out of crisis never knowing peace, and in constant travail be it dawn or dusk, living in frustration in the rain or sun, casualties at every corner, shattered dreams on every street; Everywhere I go, I see the sons of men, up and down they go, toiling day and night, running here and there, and sweating profusely, with every penny counting, and every second ticking, till the ground gives way and into their graves they go…

It is so great a misery to see a man fail, after every potential bestowed by the heavens, and the numerous resources embedded in Mother-earth…. So work, work, work! now that it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work. After we have toiled Lord, may you our efforts bless and in your loving kindness make our harvests great…more seeds to the sower that we all may live, and after we are well-fed, may our lips praise thee…

My only hope lies in Christ whose word always is true, though the cold winds blow, I will not stoop low, ever will I trust him ‘cos he will never fail, though it’s not of him that willeth, nor is it of him that runneth, but God’s grace keeps me going, and his love keeps me glowing. So I may sleep in tears, but when the morning comes I will smile again, for at the tunnel’s end the light is shinning bright…!

** ** ** ** ** **

Bottom-line: Learn to leave your everyday concerns, cares and worries with God for he cares about you. (1 Peter 5:7)

Have a blessed Weekend and I hope you have many reasons to SMILE!



Dear Reader,

You are officially WELCOME here!

So before I do the honors of introducing myself, let me confess a few things…this is my SECOND ATTEMPT at blogging. So who cares? Well, a lot of People think I’m a pretty good writer, several friends think its one of my in-born skills, my Family members often see me as a talented ‘literature-oriented’ girl…but the truth is that I see myself as someone who enjoys reading the ‘finished works’ of others. That stated, I have a few ‘works’ of my own…basically quotes I got inspired to write…and as the days roll by, I will be sharing some of them with you.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a skillful narrative story writer, so don’t expect too much of ‘story-telling’…at least, not yet!

Okay, so who am I?

I’ll try to keep it short.

A young Lady, Eunice by name.

What do I do?

I’m currently a medical student on a faraway island.

My Background?

Nigerian. Graduate. Family: Parents & Siblings.

About me?

A growing believer (Christian) who aspires to be all that God has made me to be.

My Principle?

To be better today than I was yesterday.

Favorite Quote?

Attitude is everything.


The Spirit of God. {Job 32:8}

My Signature, REQUINE which means: The Unique Symbol.

That’s all for now…SMILE, Life is Beautiful!