Ten Days In Abuja (Part 2)

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DAY 2:

My first night in Abuja was almost perfect. 

I slept in a cozy room, with air conditioning and an all night power supply – a luxury I didn’t have back home.  

Sadly, my sleep was cut short, no thanks to PMS. I woke up with an annoying abdominal cramp.

And to make matters worse, by daybreak, I had symptoms of both malaria and a stomach bug.


My village wanted to frustrate me but thank God for the BLOOD!!

So according to our itinerary, on that day we were to go on a lunch date at one fancy restaurant like that (whose name I don’t remember), and I was really looking forward to the experience. For the love of  exotic cuisines!

Alas, I mostly spent the day on the couch, wrapped up from the cold, and HRH graciously purchased the drugs I needed and kept me company. 

 Still it was fun gisting, watching TV, taking silly pictures and eating a simple home cooked meal. 

By evening HRH took his leave, and I continued with my bed rest. 

DAY 3:

The 3rd day came with renewed energy and I was up and about.

We had scheduled the day to see a movie, play one or two games at a gaming center then hangout.

HRH came to pick me up that morning around 9 a.m, and before leaving for the cinema, we checked online to see the movies showing.

We decided on Angry Birds 2.

I’d watched the first part a while back and found it interesting. 

HRH drove us down to the Genesis Deluxe Cinema at Ceddi Plaza,  somewhere in the Central District of Abuja.

After purchasing our movie tickets, we grabbed some popcorn, hotdog and drinks, then went in for the movie. 

We had such a good time. 

The plot was simple, yet intriguing and the characters were very believable. And like most animation movies, it ended on a happily-ever-after note. 

After the movie, we left for the Silverbird Entertainment Centre also in the central district, only to get to the game arena and find out that the place was undergoing some renovation. 

I was rather disappointed. 

But I took the opportunity to pick up a few items from Shoprite, and from there HRH dropped me off at my sister’s apartment.

It had been an interesting day but my body, still in recovery mode, was rather exhausted. 

The rest of that evening was quiet. 

I had dinner, breezed in and out of social media, and went to bed. 

DAY 4:

The D-day had arrived.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, the primary reason for my visit to Abuja was to meet HRH’s family.

But before that we had an important business to take care of. 

At the proposal some months back, the cute and lovely ring HRH got me was about 3x bigger than my actual size…😂

Days after the proposal I was still very terrified of having it slip off my finger. 
Eventually, I removed and returned the ring to its box to avoid stories that touchlol.

HRH good naturedly promised to have it resized during my visit to Abuja. 

So on this day, together with his Big Sister, we made our way to the popular Wuse Market. 

Wuse Market is a major market within Abuja metropolis, where you can find everything from foodstuff to clothes, electronics, and jewelry. 

Although prices of goods in Wuse market are said to be relatively higher when compared to other markets like Utako and Garki, there is more variety of goods to choose from. 

I was told there was usually traffic congestion on the way to the market. However, we didn’t experience much of traffic on that day. 

I noticed how the market stalls were organized and the environment kept relatively tidy, unlike some other big markets I’ve been to. 

After making a brief enquiry, we were given directions to the shop of an Asian Goldsmith. He was able to refashion the ring to my actual size, but the process took forever – roughly 3 hours.  

Our next trip was to Bwari, a settlement at the border of Abuja where HRH’s parents live in.

This was my first meeting with his parents and I was hoping to make a good impression

Thankfully, the visit went well and their reception was really heart-warming.

After having lunch, we visited for a few more hours before eventually taking our leave.

At my suggestion, we went for some Domino’s Pizza and Coldstone Ice-cream to celebrate a new milestine – meeting his family. 


Thank you for reading,



November 2019|| 7 Lessons Failure Taught Me.

Hello Fam,

It’s been a while.

Happy Mid-November!!!😀

And guess what?

It’s exactly 40 days to CHRISTMAS! 🎉🎉🎉

I don’t know about y’all but Christmas is about the most exciting season of the year for me.

I love the glam, the jollification, the merriment, and of course Christmas carols!  

Each Christmas season is a reminder of the purpose for our celebration – Jesus! And his presence in my life continues to give me so much joy. 

Now to today’s post…

The second quarter of this year was a particularly trying period for me.

I wrote an exam –important enough to define the next phase of my career– but unfortunately, I didn’t pass it. 😞

Like anyone else, I’ve faced a number of challenging situations in my lifetime, including:

…getting involved in a RTA that ultimately led to the removal of my two front teeth

…being denied a visa

…breaking up from a romantic relationship (of almost 5 years)

…losing most of my valuables (a laptop, 2 phones, an ipad, and gold jewelry) to a home theft in one day

…and “quitting” driving school out of frustration and embarrassment.

But failing a major exam was a first…and the experience was very traumatic. 

While in school, anytime I didn’t do so well on a test or exam, I had the opportunity to make up for it in the next block or semester. 

Thankfully after the initial shock, I was able to register and rewrite the exam and to the glory of God, I PASSED!!🙌

Now the experience has taught me a few things:

1. Success is a lifestyle while failure is an event.

Success is a continuous journey of progress. 

You’re not a failure if you don’t stop trying. 

The first few weeks after the result was out, I was so disappointed in myself and carried the shame of failure around like a burden.

Thank God for the comfort of the Holy-spirit, and the encouragement from loved ones, I was able to bounce back.  

2. Failure helps to foster empathy. 

When I failed the exam, a part of my ego was shattered. 

I was like…a whole me? How could I?  

Failure made me vulnerable enough to admit my mistakes. Now I have realized that failing an exam isn’t always about how smart a person is. 

I’m learning to empathize more when I see people struggling, and to be compassionate towards them. 

3. Failure helps you to upgrade your capacity.

In preparing to retake the exam, I became fully aware that was sufficient for yesterday’s success, may not be sufficient for tomorrow’s success. 

So I took a leave of absence from work, attended a revision course, and was able to devote more time to studying, and participating in group discussions. 

Failure teaches us that every goal requires new strategic plans and actions. 

4. You can’t always determine the result but you are always responsible for your preparation. 

Despite designing a vision board with the intention of drafting a 3 month study-plan earlier this year, I got carried away with the many events going on in my life. 

Sadly, my efforts to crash study didn’t work out as planned. And when it was time to write the exam, I wasn’t well prepared.

5. Failure is a part of the journey toward success. 

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm,” said Sir Winston Churchill.

In retrospect, I’m glad things happened the way they did. Failing the exam gave me the chance to learn what strategies worked and what strategies didn’t work.

It also opened up some opportunities for me as I was able to meet with like-minded doctors. 

Courageous people don’t stop trying, they keep learning. 

6. Failure is a filter to refine your priorities. 

That failure was also useful because it forced me to pay attention to the way I prioritized my goals.  

I was able to recognize that not everything happening around me is worth my focus and effort. 

I learnt to deliberately channel my time and energy to the things that were important to my success. 

7. Failure helps to build faith. 

Failure gets our attention. It sure got mine. 

God can use the failures we experience to humble us, remind us of our limitations, and teach us to depend on him. If we allow him.

After failing the exam, I had no one else to turn to but God. And he gave me the wisdom to navigate that season of my life. 

Failure made my faith in God to thrive.


I hope the lessons from my experience will give you a bit of perspective, in whatever trying situation you’re going through. 


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