The journey I’m about to take you through, commenced some 15 years ago. The story won’t be complete if I don’t chip in some of the events that occurred prior to my attending Federal Government Girls’ College Oyo (FEGGO for short).


(Photo Credit: Tomisin Ayelaagbe)
I was in Primary 6 and the common entrance exams were just around the corner. It was with high expectations that I anticipated life in secondary school. Back then, my Parents had this idea that Federal Unity Schools were the best. And one way or the other, my siblings and I had to pass through that system. My mom attended Federal Government Girls’ College Bakori (now Katsina state). And my sister and I went to Federal Government Girls’ Colleges Akure and Oyo, respectively. My brother on the other hand attended Federal Government College, Ikole-Ekiti.
Towards the end of my stay in primary school, my parents had decided that I was to attend Federal Government Girls’ College, Ipetumodu in Osun state. The school is just about an hour’s drive from the outskirts of Ibadan where we live, so it made practical sense.
However, it so happened that on the day the Common Entrance forms were distributed in class, I came up with a different idea. My best friend Toyin, along with a number of other girls put in Federal Government Girls’ College Oyo as their 1st School of Choice, and so I followed suit. Interestingly, I didn’t inform my parents about the change I made.
In those days, it was customary to interview all applicants into Federal Government Colleges. Because we were resident in Ibadan, my interview centre was Federal Government Girls’ College Oyo. After having a rethink I guess, on getting to the interview, I indicated Federal Government Girls’ College Ipetumodu as my 1st School of choice. Few weeks later, I was given an admission based on merit. To my dad, that was a big deal.
On the day of resumption, my parents took me to the school-Federal Government Girls’ College Ipetumodu, only to be told at the gate that the resumption date had been postponed, so we returned home. On coming back the following week, lo and behold a new list of admitted students was out and my name wasn’t there. The scene was full of commotion and confusion. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. The major thought on my mind was the explanation I was going to give everyone who knew I had left for school. What a shame. We returned home eventually and I wonder how my parents really felt. Surprisingly that evening, Toyin’s mum came to our house to inform us that my name was on the Admission list at Federal Government Girls’ College Oyo. The interview results had been canceled. I can’t exactly recall how I explained the mix-up about my choice of school to my parents.
My mum went by the school some days later, to confirm my admission and explain the previous admission offer I had. Since I had all my house-wears sown in pink, I was put in Tinubu House. I eventually resumed some days later and the amazing journey of 6 years began.