About Requine.

Requine (Pseudonym) is a young Christian lady who loves to write as much as she loves to read.

She is committed to using this platform to inspire readers across the globe via her faith, thoughts, and experiences.

She is also Passionate about Personal Development. Her Philosophy is to be better each given day than she was the previous day.

Her other interests are MedicineCreative Photography and Cooking.

Enjoy reading!

4 thoughts on “About Requine.

  1. Hi, Can you explain why do you call the Diaries Feggo ? I’m curious because that is my pen name as a cartoonist (made up of my 3 names) and it is a rare name. Thank you, Felipe Galindo (Feggo).

    1. Oh wow.

      FEGGO is actually an acronym, or a slang if you prefer, for the secondary school I attended: Federal Government Girls’ College, Oyo.

      Thank you for asking.

  2. Good evening Dr Eunice

    My name is Dr Rebecca, I graduated from a Caribbean medical school with my clinical training in the US. I’m preparing to register for the MDCN assessment exam in April 2019.

    Please, I kindly have a few questions regarding the exam

    1. One of the required documents is my medical school transcripts. Must the transcript be an official one? (My medical school does not send official
    transcripts directly to students, they only send it to requesting institutions by mail. Delivery of paper mail in Nigeria is not reliable)

    2. What is a certificate/letter of good standing? Will it be issued by my medical school OR the govt of the Caribbean Island where my school is located OR the US govt since I did my clinicals in the US? I also did my USMLE step 1&2 CK and CS.

    3. Finally please how do I join the telegram page? I don’t know anyone else currently studying for the assessment exam or anyone who is already a part of the group. Please can you add me if you’re still a group member?

    Thank you in advance for your response

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