Jubiloso Junio {Jubilant June}


It’s the middle of the year already…like seriously, year 2017 is wrapping up rapidly.
Well, I’m thankful because God has been so faithful.

For me, June is a month of JUBILATION.

Jubilation (Noun): a feeling of great happiness and triumph.
Synonyms: euphoria, ecstasy, glee, delight, elation.

And here are some reasons why:
– About this time last year, yours sincerely completed medical school.
It was a major breakthrough and a dream come true.

– And just this month God gave my family another victory,
My dad got his PhD! 


It took a while coming…many days, weeks, months and years longer than expected.Thank God, it has come to pass. And we trust him for other testimonies as well. Amen.

Before I continue, I have a few confessions:
In my first blogpost this year, I’d announced that I’d be doing free adverts for a few of my friends with growing businesses through this platform until the middle of the year. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue at some point, because it was challenging to create content and publish my blog posts.

To the friends I made promises to, I sincerely apologize. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me and I hope I can make it up to you all in the near future.

I also had to quit the blog challenge: 26 BLESSINGS AND COUNTING (with just 2 more posts to go), because I was overwhelmed by the way it dragged into the month of May. And there were other pending posts I had to work on, so I had to let it go.
Again I apologize for all the unkept promises.

Here’s a peep into my June (plus What’s New):
1. Meditating on: 1 John 4:11

2. Song on repeat: The Hill (Travis Greene)

3. Currently reading:
a. The book of 1 John

b. Lioness Arising (Lisa Bevere)
“Jesus stripped himself and became like us, so we could strip ourselves and become like him.”
c. Unstoppable (Christine Caine)
” The goal of the race is not to earn God’s favor, the goal of the race is to become like Christ.”
d. Passing It On (Myles Munroe)
“True leaders do not retire. They simply move to the next phase.”
e. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Peter F Drucker)
“Successful innovators are conservative, they are not risk-focused, they are opportunity focused.”

4. Still learning:
– Spanish

– Igbo

5. Working on:

Scripture Flash Cards

I love memorizing scriptures and I keep looking for easier ways to go about it. So I finally decided to create my own Flash Cards from scratch, using cardboard paper and a variety of pens.

6. Personal development:
Another thing I’ve become really intentional about is boosting my Self Confidence. And here are a few things I’m learning to do:

i) Proper Grooming
ii) Amiable Smile
iii) Increase Competence
iv) Accept Compliments
v) Lend a helping hand

7. Driving lessons:🚘🚥🚦



I’ve been training for over 2 weeks now but I’m still a long way from becoming the confident driver I need to be. My instructor says I’m taking the training rather too seriously and I need to relax.
I feel I’m battling with a level of performance anxiety that leads me to repeat some mistakes. It’s frustrating really. I need all the courage I can get and be done with the training already. Please Pray For Me🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

8. Creative Writing: I finally registered for an online writing course I could afford, last month. It’s been really enlightening, and to be honest there’s so much to learn. I’m thankful for the opportunity to improve on my writing.

9. NewsFlash: I’ve started using a piggy bank which is another goal for this year, thanks to Dr. tamie. My bank is locally made from cheap wood and without lock/key, which means I can’t be tempted to “borrow” from it. Already I’ve saved a reasonable amount, though I don’t have a job yet. I’m pretty excited.

10. Crushing on:
My three favorite TV soaps with intriguing storylines. I watch them back to back on weekdays, thanks to Africa Magic Showcase.




That’s all for now.

Cheers to a great month, everyone!



DAY 11: Yahweh, Yahweh

Welcome back everyone.
“Yahweh, Yahweh, where will I be?
If not for you, that’s why I sing
Yahweh, Yahweh, I worship you,
I worship you, I worship you”
Several times over the last few years I have paused to ask myself this question “where will I be if not for God?”
I think back to where I was and what I’ve been through and I am more certain that I couldn’t have made it this far without God:
-Through the many unseen battles of my childhood including a near MVA, how I slumped on the road without being hit is a story only God understands
-Through six years of physical danger on Ibadan-Oyo road and the many troubles, including physical and psychological trauma while in FEGGO, but God kept me
-The 4-year Journey through Unilorin, with no missing scripts or carry-over and finally when it was time to complete my project, the analysis for the specimens I was working on, unceremoniously disappeared…and I started thinking of an extra year, but I eventually graduated with my set because God did it
-After a year full of service to God and humanity in Ile-Ife, and planning towards the next phase, the plan didn’t come to fruition and I felt like I was back to zero point, little did I know that God was working behind the scenes
-Getting into Medical school was a testimony, but coming out of it was a far greater one.There were days of silent tears and moments of contemplation to just quit. A friend even casually mentioned that I didn’t look like “the type” to study medicine. He was right, too much stress, too much stretch…but God’s grace was sufficient and to his glory, I made it.
God is good. And I can say it again, not because my life has been smooth but because his loving kindness has been constant.
And oftentimes when I’m out of words, my heart bursts into praise and I find my lips expressing gratitude to God.
Today I’m especially thankful for good music and for the people God inspires to write/sing them, especially gospel musicians.
Music is to the soul what food is to the body. It nourishes the mind and communicates with the spirit.
I won’t call myself a music addict because I don’t catch up quickly with new albums or artistes, but when I’m in love with a song, I’m literally into it.
I can stay on a song for hours, days, months or even years and no matter how often I listen to it, I still get blessed.
I love to taste the words, feel the beats and translate the song into a story.
Because for every song, there’s a story.
A study of the psalms of David gives us that insight.
Worship songs are dynamic.
Sometimes it comes in the form of a prayer, or a confession, or thanksgiving or just acknowledging God for who he is.
Songs can also be seasonal or situational. From personal experience, when I’m about to move into a new season, there’s a shift in my spirit and a new song in my heart.
Last year in particular came with vivid testimonies of how the songs in my heart reflected the seasons I found myself in.
In no particular order, here are some of my favorite songs and artistes:
There’s more but I’ll leave you with those for now.
Thank God for creating Music,
Thank God for inspiring Songwriters, and
Thank God for enabling Gospel artistes!!!
What are you thankful for today?


Stay Fervent,