When it comes down to it, it’s useless to expect that everyone will cheer you on in life. Some people will not just give their support, no matter what you do. Period. 

While a number of people are downright haters (permit the use of that term) and always have malicious intentions towards you, others are sincere and their reservations are genuine. Of the latter, there are some people who just don’t think you can. To them you don’t have the right combination of background, talents, skills, personality and intelligence. They can see you fail through even before you start. Now if only your goals are a bit more realistic, they would readily give their support. You’ll hear statements like, “oh she’s pretty good at dancing but I don’t see her making a career in acting.”

Some other people lack the faith to see you reach out for those extraordinary goals you’ve set; they wonder why you are not comfortable with getting to a particular level, especially one that appears reasonable to them. Others will even pick offence at you for daring to dream big, they just think you lack contentment. Afterall, they say, not many people can even boast of this degree or that career, what else do you want in life?

The truth is, not everyone will believe in you and that’s fine. Just because others can’t see what you can see, doesn’t mean you should stop seeing it. No one can picture the future you want better than you. That they are your friends, teachers or family members, does not make them indispensable to your future. You must learn to chart your own course, because ultimately you will have to live in it.

There have been stories of parents who put their kids on a particular course, and after some time, those kids end up doing something entirely different. For example, some parents wanted their daughter to become a lawyer, so they invested diligently in her education upto law school. On getting there however, the young lady discovered her love for photography and pursued it immediately after graduating. Fortunately her parents were smart enough to give their support, even though some concerned friends advised them otherwise. Today, she’s very successful doing what she is passionate about. And her parents are proud of her achievements as well.

Although you need people’s support to succeed in any given venture, you don’t need everybody’s opinion. When you align yourself with the direction God is leading you to, he will raise HELPERS along the way. In your pursuit of success however, don’t focus on proving your doubters wrong. When your success is evident, you don’t have to gloat or boast about it, instead give God thanks. “So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.” (Romans 9:16)

This year, dare to DREAM BIG even if No one believes in you.