I’ve been so bored in the last few days, despite all the activities going on around me. 
Quick backstory.

My phone fell on the floor about a week ago and the battery was wrecked in the process. 

So I couldn’t use a smartphone for a while.

I became so restless and emotional…that I actually shed a few tears.😥

Don’t judge.

If you have a phone addiction like me…do like this 👆

No IG, No Facebook, No Whatsapp, No Music, No selfies, No e-books…😥😫


…what an “amebo-less” life that was.

And it was only for a few days o.

Anyway, my SR wouldn’t hear of me not having a phone and my mom had previously threatened to come down when she didn’t hear from me in 48 hours.

After searching my immediate neighborhood for a new battery without luck, I did what any responsible adult would do and bought a new smaller, phone. 

Well, what do you expect of a phone worth N4,500? 

Just Text messages and Phone calls…abi?

The only plus was, it had space for 3 SIM cards. Not that I needed more than one anyway.

I was jejely using my new phone until one fine afternoon, a gentleman asked about my new phone and how much I bought it.

I told him.

Well, let’s just say the convo afterwards left me speechless.

Bottomline was, he thought I was too (what’s the word sef? Extravagant?) to have spent such an amount on an ordinary phone.

Tbh, I wanted an even cheaper phone but that was the best I could get then. Plus I didn’t have the luxury of time to visit more shops.

He then showed me his (alternate) phone. And I think he mentioned how way cheaper it was. 

I was stunned.

In my mind I was like, 

Bros, how is it even your business?

There I was still mourning the use of my old phone.

And this bros wants to add pepper to injury. Chai!

My Money. My Choice.

I eventually didn’t pay too much attention to how it ended, I guess I just ignored him and zoned out of the conversation.

The moral of my story is, why don’t we all learn to mind our business?

But really.

Does it take so much effort to keep our opinions of some things to ourselves?

I’ve come to a conclusion, like Courtesy, minding one’s business is a LIFE SKILL that should be learnt. 

Even the bible says so.

“Make it your aim to live a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to earn your own living, just as we told you before.”

‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭4:11‬ ‭GNB‬‬

It’s annoying when people of all sizes come to tell me 

  • what to wear (including not wearing my eyeglasses all the time-not minding that I wear -5 lenses cos of Myopia, because I look prettier without it😏)
  • where to live (how I should start writing some foreign exams so I can port ASAP👣-  like I’m clueless about my own life😁,
  • what specialty to apply for (and it better not be NeuroCardiothoracic Surgery) because I’m a woman and need more family time🙄) and even 
  • who to marry (I’m always reminded not to marry a short or dark skinned guy😂, so we don’t give birth to charcoal black dwarves. Boo, can you hear them?)

A number of times I’m tempted to just shut these well-meaning but ill-informed people up and say, 

Thanks for your unsolicited advice but you’re NOT welcome. 

I’ll  be lying to say I don’t occasionally chook mouth inside people’s businesses too

Like when I randomly see someone’s wedding gown on Facebook or IG, and I’m like she should have made it longer or fuller or finer...and what not. And I do this a lot actually.🙈

Then I remember, it is really not my busines and I should save my energy for my own FUTURE wedding dress and other matters arising…😉

Gotta run now. A patient is waiting.🏩







For the average Nigerian living in Nigeria, whether male or female, the good life is pretty much basic:

1. Settle down on time (aka get married between your mid 20s and early 30s, beyond that you’re a latecomer. In Nigeria, if you’ve not married, you’ve not arrived).

2. Find a good source of income (a white collar job or a thriving business venture or better still both, and earn above 100K in a month, at least).

3. Give your kids the best education you can afford (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary; all private schools if you can, because ASUU is a monster).

4. Build your own house(s) and buy your own car(s), whichever comes first. (It doesn’t matter if you fail to plaster the walls before you move into the house or your first car is a used 1980 Toyota model; As long as you’re a landlord and car owner, you’re successful).

5. Don’t die prematurely. There are a lot of unique but avoidable ways to die as an average Nigerian- RTAs, Armed Robbery Attacks, Fire Outbreaks and Medical Negligence, are just a few. (Nigerians love to live, no matter how bleak the future looks, after all a living dog is a better than a dead lion, na bible talk am. Ecclesiastes 9:4).

6. Retire to eat the fruits of your labor (i.e. your children get to graduate, start working, marry into wealth, make beautiful grandchildren, then relocate abroad where you can visit them as often as you want, after all they are your major investments!).

Maybe there are some individual twists to what I’ve mentioned based on personal interests, but no average Nigerian can deny relating to at least one of the above.

E go better” is the mantra of the Average Nigerian.
-It’s the reason we hustle (a refined name for struggling), from dawn to dusk just to make ends meet.
-It’s what we hope for every day of our lives, gathering in religious houses from week to week, holding special programs and giving special offerings, just to be blessed by the Almighty.
-It’s why we are restless and dissatisfied when others seem to be making better progress than we are.
In Nigeria, we thrive on sweat rather than sense, we own more buildings than we build people.

We are by nature myopic, more concerned about how we can get more rather than give more. Who wants to invest in a sick nation like Nigeria? The public civil servant just wants to collect his monthly salary and go home. There are bills to be paid, from DSTV monthly subscription to the Children’s school fees for the term.
The average Nigerian is less concerned about making any difference, whether local or global. Not the classroom teacher who just wants the day to end, not the nurse in the hospital ward already frustrated from the overwhelming workload and definitely not the police officer collecting bribes at the security checkpoint.

It is why many of our leaders lie and steal and get away with it. After all they are only sharing the national cake, which belongs to everybody but nobody in particular. And who wants to catch them? EFCC? Pls try again.

We the followers are not much different, as long as we can afford to fence our own compounds and provide for our basic amenities like electricity and water, the rest of the nation can go to rot.

So back to the bucket-list, what can we do to change our priorities from that of merely surviving to actually flourishing as Nigerians living in Nigeria? How can we make a paradigm shift from our attitude of consumption to that of contribution? Where do we even begin from?
My mum once mentioned this phrase while praying for my siblings and I recently, “They didn’t choose to be Nigerians…”
Neither did you. But now that you’re here, why not make your impact felt?
I’m Nigerian and Blessed.
*ASUU: Academic Staff Union of Universities

*EFCC: Economic and Financial Crime Commission

The Valley of decisions.

Hello lovely Freaders! 😍😎☺️

Yeah, it’s a new word I recently learnt that combines- friends + readers.

I’m back from my short break. I had to pause blogging, and face my book (the Nigerian way of saying one is studying) for a while so I could prepare for the exam I had last Friday.

So technically speaking, I’m done with med school, whoop! whoop!! 😅🙃🤓

The feeling I have is beyond what I can adequately describe at the moment; Thankful, Excited, Relieved, Skeptical, Hopeful….it’s a whole lot of MIXED feelings.

But mehn, I gatz to TESTIFY. God is good.

(Photo-credit: WEB)
Moving on, I have to keep you up-to-date with my Medical School Journal series, and round it up very soon I hope.

Before then, let me do a little house-keeping.

It’s June and it’s being a beautiful month so far. I almost can’t believe it’s mid-year already, how awesome God is. I still remember the way 2016 started, with all the declarations, expectations, plans and so forth. It’s just like yesterday you know….

Hello, NEW YEAR!
So like I said, Everything about June has been on point:

1. The timely WORD. Philippians 4:13 [AMP].

I’m at a phase of my life where decisions must be weighed and made, because so many things are at stake.

How do I balance taking risks with caution? 

How do I balance my faith with common sense? 

How do I face the larger and unknown world by myself? 

Am I really ready for life?

2. The timely SONG. Oceans (where feet may fail).

I love the idea of having a song in my spirit at every phase of life I find myself in. This song is just it at the moment. Every single verse speaks volume to me.

You can find the lyrics to the song here.

3. Still on the book of GENESIS.

It’s been an insightful read so far. I never thought Genesis could be that deep. Currently on CHAPTER 24, the story of how Abraham’s servant found REBEKAH for Isaac. The Holyspirit helps to bring the word of God alive in my spirit. And what more, it is so timely for this phase of my life.

Thankfully, I can study the bible with the help of these two bible commentaries on my Bible study App. 

There’s nothing like being FED on the WORD and being LED by the SPIRIT of God on a daily basis. I’m still learning how to cultivate the habit of MEDITATION. I mean literally chewing on and digesting the WORD of God. There is no lack where the word abounds.

4. Listening to JOYCE MEYER‘s PODCAST series.

The teachings have been on point. I’m so loving what I’ve learnt. She recently taught on how focusing on developing Good HABITS can easily get rid of the bad ones. I was literally wowed.


5. Currently reading:


Hmmmn…I’m still not done yet, taking the book in a sip at a time.

Can’t get enough of this book…

Eye-opening and mind-blowing. You can’t read it and remain the same!

6. My two amazing friends’ birthdays:

I blogged about them before here and here.

June 1st:

ZOE- This brother is an AWESOME package, whether we’re prayingplaying or studying, he’s always just on point literally. Infact, I’m short of words…

June 12th:

OLUWATOYIN- My friend of 6 years plus and still counting. In describing her recently, I said she turned my life around a complete 180 degrees, that’s without even trying to. She’s all of these and more:

TTenacious. When she’s DETERMINED, she’s hyper-DETERMINED! She’s a Goal-getter per excellence.

OOutstanding. God-factor ✅ Brains ✅ Fashion ✅ Personality ✅ Domestication ✅. My dear friend is a completely complete woman in Christ!

YYouthful. Energetic babe. Always singing and smiling, wining and dining…living life on the FAST & FABULOUS lane. She’s one of the reasons I appreciate non-conservative people. My friend can really be a SANGUINE like that.

IInspiring. This one is a no-brainer. From simply doing chores, to studying or singing, I love to watch my friend cos there is a lot to learn. TY challenges me to do better.

NNice. I’m not kidding, she’s at least 3 times Nicer than I am. I know cos we’ve lived together for almost 3 years. The way she cares for and relates with People is so amazing. She’s an easily likable person.

Because it’s her birthday….

That is all for now folks.

I’ll keep trusting God for the rest of JUNE and beyond. I’ll give updates of what is happening with/around me from time to time.

Thank you for reading!



Have you ever had an experience that felt like a total disaster? I’m referring to those random occurrences that interfere with your otherwise well-laid-out plans for a very pleasant day. For instance getting your favorite shirt burnt on a Monday morning, or losing your treasured bracelet at a Christmas Outing; What about getting completely soaked from a downpour after a long, hard and tiring day at work?  These things happen and they suck!

Like that day last year, when my external hard drive accidentally dropped to the floor while trying to get some materials into it, and that was the END of it. I honestly wanted to crash along too. I mean there was SO MUCH STUFF in that device that I treasured, lots of study materials inclusive. I had lost my laptop to theft the previous year, and that disk happened to contain a number of my archives. And just in the fraction of a second it was gone too. “Why God, why? Couldn’t you have prevented the disk from slipping off my hands?” I questioned.

I’ve experienced a few minor, and sometimes significantly terrible events that made me wonder if maybe some unseen agents/forces were sent to frustrate me. I know that sounds far-fetched but it’s a Nigerian thing. Whenever there’s an unfortunate occurrence, no matter the likely explanation for it, we prefer to blame the demons. 

Life has a way of surprising us at the most unexpected moments with events that can frustrate our plans. There are situations that will shake you but you mustn’t allow them to crush you. There will be floods of disappointments and discouragements, but you shouldn’t let the waves swallow you. When you are hit by a sudden random misfortune, don’t sit wallowing in self-pity. Sometimes, these things just happen for whatever reason. We can however take pleasure in knowing that nothing happens to God’s children by mistake. Eventually, God allows his plans and will to come to pass through our situations. The requirement is for us to TRUST him completely.

He knows. He cares. He sees. He hears. Nothing, no matter how random it seems, takes God by surprise. Be STILL, and know that he is God (Psalm 46:10).

Many times Accidents are what they truly are, Accidents. Don’t take them too personal.

Mishaps are not fatal.



DAY 29: Because I’m HAPPY!!!

Welcome back.

Sunday blessings to everyone! I had a great time in church but I won’t be sermonizing today, thank you!!

My close friends know how much I love eating sugary things, like cakes, cookies, chocolate, candy and so on. I’m not really a fan of sodas though, but even homemade drinks must be really sweet for me to enjoy them.
Some folks have argued with me that too much sugar isn’t good for the body and so forth. Obviously, I know that. My Preceptor asked during rounds one day, which of these two is more damaging to the human body?
A) HYPOGLYCEMIA (too little Sugar).

B) HYPERGLYCEMIA (too much Sugar).

What do you think, B? That’s incorrect. As bad as Hyperglycemia is, Hypoglycemia is a lot worse. A person with very low sugar levels can rapidly deteriorate into coma or death. Now I’m not advocating HYPERGLYCEMIA, obviously on the long run, it’s damaging to vital organs/tissues in the body like the heart, the eyes, the kidneys, the teeth etc, but it’s still the lesser evil of the two. 

So why do I love sugary things? Because of the SWEETNESS ofcourse! I avoid anything “bitter” as much as I can (especially medicinal herbs, Tufiakwa! which is quite common where I come from). Sugar makes me “literally” High. High in the sense of being Hyper-HAPPY. At least, momentarily. A day without sugar for me, is an incomplete one. I usually snack on sweetened biscuits (or close alternatives) at least once a day. It’s not like I’m an addict though, and of course I still try to eat healthy: a bit of veggies, protein, fiber and fruits, here and there. My mom insists on that (I hope she’s reading this anyway, 😁😬😏). Then I drink lots and lots of water too! 

My point is this, I think we all need a good dose of things that make/keep us H-A-P-P-Y, from time to time. For some people, it’s Music or Games or Swimming or Pets etc, as long as these are in healthy limits, not interfering with much serious stuffs like school or work or family, that’s fine. Uncontrolled Hypo-HAPPINESS, like HypoGlycemia, can progress into a state of mild to moderate depression, or worse APATHY (a state of indifference to excitement). 

My ice-cream treat!

And Tonight, because I’m happy, I’m treating myself to some Ice-cream (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavor mix) to celebrate the eve of completing this 30-day-blogging challenge. It’s been one long journey but everyday, despite the highs and lows was worth it. The big celebration should have been tomorrow, but since it’s a school day, I think I’ll pass. 


So add some sugar to your diet if you can, some humor to your tasks, some color to your face, and a song to your lips.

Appreciate those simple, yet important things around you. Take a walk. Smell a rose. Watch the Sunset. Inhale deeply. Just celebrate Life. And do it as often as you can. It doesn’t matter how little or big your achievement is. Every moment is worth savouring. Above all, Give THANKS. God is good, no matter what.

Remember, Happiness is a CHOICE only you can make.

-Tufiakwa: In Igbo language (Nigeria), means God forbid. 

Thank you for reading!


DAY 24- When Enough is NOT Enough.

Welcome back.

Today was a mixture of feelings…both good and bad. I know feelings are flimsy and I shouldn’t be controlled by them…blah, blah. *Sighs*

Anyway, God is good…tomorrow can ONLY be Better! Amen. 

I’ll share my thoughts on what I personally consider a struggle. It’s the dilemma I’m often faced with when I think about the Effort vs Result Orientation. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered why the best of efforts don’t yield the best of results. I mean, all through my academic pursuits, there have always been a select few who score good grades without putting in so much. By that I mean the typical hours of study, class attendance, assignments and so forth. Well, some would say such folks are just naturally brilliant, maybe. But it doesn’t seem fair to those that really worked hard, does it? Again, maybe the other folks didn’t study effectively. That’s also possible. 

Sometime in June, I and some friends shared our views on what each of us considered more important, between efforts and results. It was interesting to know that of the four of us, two people said efforts, while the other two said results. I was in the latter category. Obviously we all had genuine reasons to support our claims. For the effort-oriented folks, the process was always a compensation for the product. However disappointing the outcome is, putting in their best is good ENOUGH. Not so for the likes of me, I find it frustrating when my efforts don’t correlate with the results I get. Everytime I see the need to succeed more, I put in a little more effort. Well, it often works. 

After that discussion, I pondered some more. To be sincere, in times past I could be described as slow, lazy, indecisive and lacking initiative. Efforts didn’t come to me easily, maybe because I’m not naturally self-motivated. Hence, I dose up on anything substantial (from God’s WORD, to Inspiring quotes, books, messages, songs, prayers and Life-changing stories) to stay upbeat. I know not everyone favors motivational speakers and their mumbo-jumbo, some persons claim that they are left feeling empty after the initial euphoria fades. Well, I guess we all are wired differently. In essence, I always try to keep my GOAL(s) in view as I go through the Process in order to stay motivated. And I believe every Journey I embark upon, should lead to my desired destination. 

Well, I’ve had an ongoing situation for sometime now, that has lately made me depressed. Yes, I’ve prayed about it. Yes, I’ve sought counsel. Yes, I’ve tried several available options. Despite my best efforts however, nothing seems to be working. The truth is I feel frustrated and vulnerable. I just want a POSITIVE result, and as SOON as possible.

Knowing my orientation and current situation, What do I do since doing Enough is NOT Enough? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!