MY FAVORITE THINGS (Part 1/10)- Throwbacks! 

Hello People,

It feels like ages. Let’s just say life has been happening to me behind the scenes. Thank God I’m back. 

I believe y’all have enjoyed the blessings of July so far.

We’ve had a pretty wet weather here in SVG. 

But I’m thankful for the showers and God’s numerous favors. 

So many of you are familiar with the song MY FAVORITE THINGS from the classic movie The Sound of Music (1965). That’s where I got the theme for this post from. I’ve wanted to share it since like forever, but no time is as good as the present. 
Like everyone else, there are a few things that cheer me up on ordinary days and lighten my mood when I’m having a not-so-good day. I refer to them as my favorite things.

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I have decided to write about them (in no particular order) in a 10-part series, which will extend over a couple of weeks/months. I hope you enjoy reading the post and subsequent ones…let me have your feedbacks, pls! ☺️😊


Part 1- Throwbacks.

I’m a naturally retrospective person, which is why I’m absolutely big on throwbacks. I love to reminisce about old songs, old places, old movies, nursery rhymes, childhood games etc

My close friends and family members know that I enjoy talking about remarkable moments/events from my childhood/teenage years with a notable glint in my eyes. The nostalgia such memories bring is heartwarming. Some days I want to cry or laugh, and I’m not even sure which one to pick.

Anyway these are the top favs on my throwback chart. Enjoy! 

1. My favorite cartoon’s theme songCODE LYOKO. This show made my day in those days and of all the things I liked about it, the theme song was the best. The lyrics are quite profound too. I still have the soundtrack on my phone by the way, and it used to be my ringtone at one time. *facepalm*

A close second is Disney’s DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN? From the movie FROZEN. I literally shed tears whenever I listen to that soundtrack, cos the lyrics portray a period in my life when I experienced the pangs of loneliness 😭😭😪.

2. Stories from my Secondary School days. I wrote this series MY FEGGO DIARIES, around this time last year. Anyone that went to a Nigerian boarding school can relate to it. 

(Photo-credit: Lillian Duru)

3. The 15 Pictures that basically sum up your Nigerian Childhood on Zikoko. 

Number 9 perfectly describes mine. 

Hello Okin biscuits…*sniffs*

My dad would not allow us to take any other type of biscuits to school, but we did behind his back anyway..😆
And here I was in elementary school, over a decade and half-a-decade years back.

The young shall grow…😉😘

(My innocent face and chubby cheeks…lol).

4. Mount Zion Movies’ Soundtracks. Back in the days, the trend in my house was that my mum bought practically every single movie released by the MOUNT ZION FAITH MINISTRIES (MZFM), one of the popular producers in the Nigerian Christian film industry. I was more into the soundtracks than the movies themselves. Here are some movies whose soundtracks I especially liked (and still sing):




I also enjoyed the soundtracks from the local Radio/TV stations. Growing up in Ibadan, Nigeria in the days when Satellite dishes/Cable TV weren’t common, listening to RADIO O.Y.O and watching NTA and BCOS TV Channels was the norm. 

Oh, the soundtracks of programs like TALES BY MOONLIGHT and the TV series SUPER STORY were on point too. I miss those days! 

PS: Here’s the YouTube link to the soundtrack + first episode of Super Story’s Oh Father, Oh Daughter. Enjoy! 
5. Secular songs from the early/mid 2000s. I know this is weird, cos as a general rule I don’t do secular music. But there are days when I just want to go back in time and relieve some of those songs. I’ve caught myself on YouTube a number of times just browsing one old song after the other. Songs like Styl-plus’s Olufunmi“, Eedris Abdulkareem’s “Mr. Lecturer” or Daddy Showkey‘s “If You See My Mama” will always remain a part of my growing up memos.


6. Classic Nursery Rhymes/Elementary school poems. Ok, so we all know this one:

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, 

How I wonder what you are…”

Not only can I recite it offhand, I actually do sing it every now and then. Well, it’s really good as a lullaby you know…😴

Another poem I like love, is MR. NOBODY. This is how it goes:

Of course I sing that too as a song. Pls don’t judge…😔😬
7. Ringtones/Message tones of old Phones. Yes, you heard that right. I started using a mobile phone around the age of 15, and I’ve used a couple of them since then. Before the era of smartphones, I used the likes of Trium, Sagem, the famous Nokia 3310 and an unforgettable China phone (I didn’t take note of its model) which was the best of them all. I miss my old phones..😢 and the different phases of my life they represented. I can literally hum some of the tones from my sleep. I found this link about Nokia 3310 ringtones on YouTube, and it makes me a bit nostalgic *dabs tears*

Ok there are a few more on throwbacks, but I will stop here. 


Having throwback moments are good opportunities to reflect on the past and show gratitude to God for how far we have come. We can also choose to laugh-out-loud at silly moments in the past and perhaps shed a few tears at some fond or bitter-sweet memories. In summary, Throwbacks are super refreshing.
If you don’t know how/where to start from, I’d suggest that you go dust off your old photo albums and post a couple of pictures for a #ThrowbackThursday on Facebook/Instagram. Baby pictures are generally cute, while others may appear quite awkward, but I bet you and your friends will have a good laugh. 

So do you have any remarkable throwback experience that makes you happy? Pls share in the comment box.
Till I come your way next time,

Thank you for reading.