Housejob Chronicles: Memoirs of an Ex-HouseOfficer!

To wrap up the series- Housejob chronicles, some of my FMCL colleagues will be sharing their housejob experiences on this platform. 



1. Can we meet you?

I’m AIMIEN Emmanuel Efosa, a graduate of the College of Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (2017)


2. What was your favorite posting, and why?


The posting brought about a sense of responsibility for work in me. It really put me on my toes. 
Because I gave it my all, there was minimum distraction with unproductive activities. Then I learnt a lot of skills and the importance of proper documentation. 

Surgery taught me that productivity always gets the praises compared to activity. And working smart pays than working hard.

The appreciation and great feedback from my chiefs (senior colleagues) also helped to boost my self confidence.  

3. What was your least favorite posting, and why?

Paediatrics 😒

In one of the teams I worked in, my immediate chief was rather condescending.

That experience brought down my self confidence and left me emotionally and mentally drained.

I ended up not giving my best.

It was difficult to mentally surmount the challenge of condescension from the chief because I had not built a mental defence or bulwark before hand and that’s because I wasn’t expecting such to happen. 

It’s important to built mental defenses at the workplace before hand and never assume everyone will treat you with respect. 

4. Best call ever

My last call(s) in ObGyn posting!!!

5. Worst call ever

My first SCBU call (Christ!!!)

6. Nicest chief(s) to work with

Dr Ogbuefi (SR Paed): She was a great team leader, carried us along, deferred to our clinical judgement a number of times and complimented us accordingly.

Dr Amode (SR ObGyn): I loved his clinical acumen and skills, he was brilliant yet down to earth. He had a way of carrying his junior colleagues along in patient management. He had good social skills as well.

Dr Ogunmola Toba (MO, Medicine): One of the most approachable Chiefs, working with him was stressless, he was not snobbish, and he attended to even the most trivial requests.

7. Favorite Consultant, and why?

Dr Awani Kingsley (Consultant, Gen Surg): He pushed me to give my best by setting an environment that kept me out of my comfort zone.

8. Most likely specialty, and why?


I found the posting fun, in an adventurous way. 

The Low mortality rate compared to Internal medicine is also a plus.

Then I think surgery is pretty easy, stuff wise.

9. Most unlikely specialty, and why not?


My paediatric posting experience is still a nightmare. 

The specialty is also pretty demanding, time consuming and the stuff is voluminous. 

10. Life-lessons from Housejob:

1- Never (even if you are to blame for a patient’s loss or you are lacking in skill) lose your confidence!

2- Never step out of your home without asking God to guide you through the management of your patients.

3- Be patient with yourself, your colleagues and your patients.



11. Most embarrassing moment:

(This one still dey fresh for my mind😱)

I was asked to remove a patient’s urethral catheter. 

I was sure to deflate the catheter balloon totally, which I did. I removed the catheter afterwards: guess what?! 

The catheter came out with an inflated balloon. 

My SR screamed “bóbòyí“. 

Took me a while to regain my clinical confidence.

12. What are you thankful for?

– The gift of men: At all times and strategic places, I had colleagues who were willing to help me improve on my clinical skill and knowledge. I can never forget Dr Ebidame Stella who upped my confidence and showed me how to do episiorrhaphy; she even had me done one under her supervision. Drs Muluh Idris, Ameh Emmanuel, Nwachukwu Chinaza, Demide Esther, Amadi Saleh and Ayua Comfort.

For the kind gestures and levelling high my self esteem, I want to say thank you to everyone with whom I had a great time with during housejob – most especially, Dr Deborah Okonji and Dr Ubong Ekaete.

– For Exceeding Grace, the Spirit of Excellence and Divine Strength to execute all and beyond that which were required of me.

– The great remarks I got from my senior colleagues (Regs, SRs and Consultants). These remarks are nothing but pedastals on which I stand to do more and better; giving my absolute best.

– Never having an extra-call 😄🙌

13. Longest day ever:

Any day of Dr Awani’s call!!!

14. Happiest day(s) ever:

– Days when patients express their satisfactions for services I rendered.

– Days when I hear the cry of a new born baby

– Days when patients say “I have never been given so much attention in my life like you’ve given me today”

– Days when I see those children pulling out of surgery and doing well post-op.

– Days when I hear “Discharge that patient today” 🙌😅

15. Something to miss about Housejob:

– I will miss everyone I worked with – my immediate colleagues, senior colleagues, nurses (especially the A/E and scrub nurses) and other health care workers.

– Patients and workers in FMC will miss me (I’m replaceable, but there can never be another Efosa in FMC Lokoja 😎)

16. Rate your housejob experience on a scale of 1-5:

4/5 (It was awesome!)

17. Call food, Yay or Nay?

*Nay (Who call food epp?🤔)

18. Any new skills learnt?

Several… Suprapublic cystotomy (SPC), Urethral Vein Catheterization (UVC) and a handful of others.

19. Unforgettable patient(s):

Too many to mention all…

1. 11-year-old M.I of blessed memory. Died from advanced stage Neuroblastoma

2. 3 year-old V.J who had stage IV Wilm’s tumor

3. V.J with metastatic ovarian cancer

4. 30+ year old H.B– who had triplet gestation; and gave birth to the three alive and still doing well.

5. J.S who had Metastatic breast ca.

6. R.I: typhoid ileal perforation. Stormy post-op period – post-op pyrexia, AKI, etc. She pulled through and is doing very fine today.

7. A young man who had necrotizing fasciitis with brachiocephalic vein erosion. No, I can never forget this particular patient…resuscitation was PRN.

20. Any regrets?


21. Favorite mantra(s):

– For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

– Where there is a will, there is a way.

– Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

– We will all be great and the beautiful part is, we will all know ourselves

– “last last, we go dey alright”

22. Special  shoutout to my favorite HOs:

  • Deborah Okonji
  • Ubong Ekaete 
  • Ameh Emmanuel

23. What NEXT after Housejob?

I’ll just go about doing good (Acts 10.38), exploits (Daniel 11.32), manifesting and expressing my Sonship in Christ (Romans 11.37); and taking possession of the corners of the earth (Psalms 2:8)

24. What’s more important for a House Officer, skill or stuff?

None can take the place of the other. 

In the setting where one has to be chosen, go for skill during HJ; you can always acquire stuff later.

25. If NOT medicine, what?


26. Thank you for sharing your Housejob experience.

Thanks for having me.


Editor’s Note: 

Dr. Efosa was more than a colleague at work, he was, and is still a friend and a brother; readily helpful, jovial and very generous. 

He loves God and is passionate about Medicine. He believes clinical knowledge and skills are no replacement for empathy and compassion. 

Good music, good movies, good friends (virtual or physical), and wifi/data are a must have for him, while he isn’t working.  



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