Hey friends,


Unfortunately, I got only one response to the Giveaway offer in my last post

And although the condition for the offer (leaving a comment on how my blog was discovered) was not met, I have decided to give away the prize anyway. 

Congratulations, Ayo.

 Thank you for subscribing to my blog. 




3 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY RESULT

  1. I’m sorry, I had read the post but didn’t leave a comment thinking that the giveaway was only for the Nigerian followers. I know. That was mean of me. Next time, I will!🙂

    1. Awwwh…thank you for this. You’re correct in saying the offer was limited to my Nigerian followers, because the prizes I had in mind won’t be useful anywhere else.
      I hope that in future I can offer something more substantial that can extend to everyone.
      Thank you again😊

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