DAY 21: TFSA!!!

Welcome back!

Credit: WEB
Have you ever been in a season of life when everything about you seems slow and routine, while other people around you seem to be doing exploits for God’s kingdom and kicking the devil’s butt?
That was me, a couple of months back. I was fresh out of medical school and had much free time on my hands with a million ideas and no particular direction.
I felt such a great need that I started pouring out my heart to God in the place of prayer. I had started following Coach E’s blog some months before. Around August of last year, she announced applications for the first TFSA (The FAB Sistership Academy) and I was more than excited…finally, my prayer had been answered!
But, after I got a message that I was qualified…I still wasn’t added to the group for some technical reasons. My, I was disappointed…raved and ranted for a few days, but eventually calmed down. I told God that if I didn’t need to be part of that group (right then or in future), then no problem. He (GOD) gives me all I need.
Fast forward to November, I think. The second TFSA announcement came up and I reapplied and got in. It was about the best 5 weeks of last year for me. The lessons were EXPLOSIVE, ENLIGHTENING & EMPOWERING!


Unfortunately I can’t download all those life lessons here but they have been FUNDAMENTAL to my growth spiritual and mental growth, for life.
Coach E was so open and raw…and the ladies in the group were such a blessing (despite the age, career-line, and marital status differences).

Today I’m thankful for TFSA and the opportunity to be a part of it.

I’m thankful for coach E, and how God keeps using her to touch lives remarkably.
I’m also thankful for all my TFSA sisters and the sweet bond between us. I’m yet to meet any of them in real life, but they are like the most amazing set of Christian ladies I’ve come across (no time for petty jealousies, gossips or malice), each of us still diligently running the race God has called us to.
Even after the Academy was officially over, the group still remained, and has been so much of a blessing to me since the year began. From sharing DDK’s Reflection and Planning Journal, to over a dozen christian/motivational books (Lisa Bevere, Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado e.t.c) for free, sermons, event invites and a LIVE video conference (by Student finance coach, Eby)
TFSA was also where I met my special person, Dr. T of Tamie’s Alcove, we have so much in common, that you’d think we are like sisters separated by distance.

It’s no COINCIDENCE I tell you, it was divinely orchestrated.
What are you thankful for today?

Spanish phrase for the day:
Tengo un perro: I have a dog


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