DAY 26: Papá y Mamá

Welcome back!!!

Credit: WEB
I’ve returned as promised. I hope I can finish working on all the skipped posts, before the month is over. So help me God.
This year makes my parents marriage…a whooping 30 years!!! 

A whole 3 DECADES…Glory!

That day in history!

Although the D-day is still a couple of months away, it’s not too early to give God thanks for his unending mercies over them.

-30 years of togetherness in good and bad times
-30 years of commitment and selfless dedication
-30 years of building a home and nurturing a family

Today, I’m thankful for my parents. It’s a privilege to be a product of their loins. There’s so much I’m grateful for:

The solid upbringing
Thank you for the gift of koboko*(a.k.a bla-la), following the biblical principle of not sparing the rod at the expense of the child (Proverbs 13:24), evidently this particular child didn’t spoil…lol. And there was plenty of pampering alongside the discipline too. All in all, kudos to you guys!

The unprejudiced investment in my education
Thank you for believing in training the girl-child as well as the boy-child. I appreciate all your toils over the past two decades in helping me achieve this level education. Thanks for the many times you had to go without, to ensure I had everything I needed to succeed. I’m forever grateful.

The spiritual instructions
For you, Jesus is the first, the last and all that is in between. I’m particularly thankful to you for the support you’ve always given me to serve in God’s vineyard…from secondary school days uptil medical school, your encouragement did not waiver, for you serving Jesus is always the right thing to do.

Easy going daddy, always excited about my success

Shebi we look alike?🤓

Thank you for believing in me everytime

Ever caring mummy, going the extra mile to see me happy
Yes ke, we did combo😉
Abiyamo tooto, e ma jeun omo pe.
Happy PEARL Anniversary, Papá y Mamá
3 decades STRONG!

Cheers to many more years in sound health, peace and fruitfulness!

I celebrate you.
Credit: WEB

Spanish phrase for the day: LO SIENTO- I’m sorry!



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