Welcome back!

I had an interesting dream last night. In the dream, I was telling a friend about my favorite teachers in medical school and I began to recount some of the “unforgettable” things I learnt from them.


My Pathology lecturer was one of the incredible teachers I had and he laid the foundation for most of what I learnt during my clinical postings.
“Never say never in medicine” was a favorite quote of his.

I remember the long hours of classes trying to wrap my head around the pathophysiology of several diseases. There was also always one quiz or the other to prepare for. It was TOUGH.
Some days, I felt so overwhelmed that I was tempted to quit, but thank God for victory, I scaled through.


Today, I’m thankful for all MY TEACHERS; Everyone who has diligently contributed to shaping and molding me into the person I am today.


From my days in kindergarten through elementary school, to secondary school, University and then Medical school.

I’m especially thankful for the ones that believed in me enough to challenge me to sit up, when I wasn’t putting in my best. My Neuroanatomy lecturer, was one of such.
I recall being called into his office after a particular exam (where I’d performed below the passing grade), and he was like “What’s wrong with you? You’re better than this.” After fighting back tears, I left with a resolve to do better. Neuroanatomy was one of my best scores at the end of that semester.


Thank God for the teachers who toil day and night, to prepare lesson plans, set questions and grade papers. Without their commitments, learning would at best be coincidental.

A Teacher can affect lives on three levels:
1. Through the power of Inspiration.
2. Through the power of Influence.
3. Through the power of Impact.


A Teacher is one of God’s best gifts to humanity. Where teachers exist, knowledge cannot be extinct.


God bless our TEACHERS.

What are you thankful for today?


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Stay fervent,


2 thoughts on “DAY 23: NEVER SAY NEVER!

  1. This reminded me of some tough days in Med school.
    At some point I thought I wouldn’t survive Path and Pharm class (yr 4).
    Never had such stress academically before.
    I’m thankful God saw me through those days and I can look back today and smile.

    1. Yes o…I’ve heard of the famous path/pharmacology class. God is faithful.
      My school combined the two subjects in our 4th semester too and it was quite challenging. My white-coat ceremony (transition from basic to clinicals) was one of the happiest day of my life. (“Thank God I made it” was on repeat…lol).

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