Welcome back.
You know it’s one thing to be alive, it’s another thing to be up and about.
Today, I’m especially thankful for my health…not that I’ve never been sick, but that I’m hale and hearty enough to help to take care of other sick people.

Because ultimately, Doctors treat but it is God that heals.

You see, when you spend a good part of your day in the hospital ward like I do, there are two things involved; you either become really detached or get really sober and I’ve been on both extremes.

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It’s tough to see the intensity of other people’s pain and not ponder on how fragile the human body is.
One moment a person is going about his/her usual activities, the next moment he/she is down with a stroke, or heart attack or some trauma…on the other hand, he/she unknowingly contracts a disease, or is diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or a malignancy, the list is endless.

Have you ever been worried sick about the state of your health?

I have. I blame it especially on the medical knowledge I accumulated over my years in medical school. Experts refer to it as Medical Student Syndrome (Hypochondriasis of Medical Students). What have I not diagnosed myself with? Uterine Fibroids? Myasthenia gravis? Migraine? Hypothyroidism? There’s always one unexplainable disease or the other that I have…lol.

But thank God for God. 

There are at least 30,000 known diseases in the world today, according to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) and only a third of them have known cure.

Sickness can present in diverse ways but the characteristics are the same:

1. Sickness is debilitating. It makes the patient exhausted not only physically but also mentally and financially.

2. Sickness is disabling. It leaves the patient unfit to do certain things, including simple everyday activities, walking, eating, cooking etc

3. Sickness is distracting. It keeps the patient preoccupied from other important stuff, like hanging out with friends, completing a particular project or even contributing to the society.

4. Sickness is disrupting. It usually disorganizes the patient’s life. Kids miss school. Work is neglected.
Often other important aspects of the patient’s life (like work and family) become secondary in relation to the ailment. 

In short, sickness changes one’s priorities and that’s why it’s really important to consistently intercede on behalf of the sick.

To be in health is not just the absence of any illness, but the presence of physical, mental and even spiritual vitality.

Life is not just about the quantity (how long you live) but also about the quality (how well you live).
Your health not only contributes to the length of your life, it also contributes to its depth, that is, how much impact you make in your lifetime.

Sound health is the platform for fulfilling every purpose under heaven. It is true that there are many physically challenged people doing exploits in our world today, howbeit with some help, because there is a limit to what a physically or mentally impaired individual can do. 

The beautiful thing is that the rich cannot buy good health, only God can give it and that is why I’m super grateful for mine.
Having said all that, there’s still a lot we can actively do about our health. Using medical terminology, there are modifiable and non-modifiable factors to healthy living.

The obvious non-modifiable factors include: Gender, Age, Race, Family history of illnesses, and Genetics which can contribute to some illnesses.

The modifiable factors are usually related to diet and lifestyle and in one way or the other, we all can do something about that. It’s called INTENTIONAL living.

Here are three universal tips for good health:
1. Eat a balanced diet.

More fruits, less junk. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Water is good but drink moderately.

2. Sleep well.
    Your body needs it. 7 hours a day is the minimum recommendation for adults. 

3. Keep fit.
Ensure your Body Mass Index (BMI) is within normal limits. Run if you must, skip if you want or dance if you can. 

What matters is not the shape of your body but the state of your health.


So what are you thankful for today?

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Stay Fervent.



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