It’s F-e-b-r-u-a-r-y, the second month of this amazing year.

And the word that comes to my mind is:

 FERVENT (adjective)

-having or displaying a passionate intensity.

Synonyms: intense, vehement, profound, deep-seated, animated, spirited.

Such words!
I hope you are excited? Because I am.

Here’s why,

Tengo algo buenos para ti.

You don’t speak Spanish? No worries. There’s a special feature at the end of this post for you.

Today is the first day of the new month and I’m starting a Blog Challenge which I’ve tagged: 26 BLESSINGS & COUNTING!

Everyday from today, I’ll be writing on something specific I’m thankful about and I hope to be as intense as possible about it, cos that’s what this February is about. 

Have you ever tried to count your blessings? 
In a day? a week? a month? a year?

How far did you get?

Did you feel overwhelmed at some point?

That’s what this challenge is about, counting my blessings one by one. 

I looked over my life at some point this past year and I was just amazed at God’s goodness towards me.

To be honest, his blessings over my life are too numerous to count, but I will highlight the ones that became really obvious to me. 

My 26th birthday was last December (yes, I’m that young…😉) and it’s one of the few birthdays I didn’t mark in almost 10 years (simply put, there was no cake, no new hairdo, no pretty dress, no photoshoot..in short no paparazzi 🙄). 

Well, here’s my idea of a FUN birthday:
-a morning full of surprise gifts and lots of calls and messages (because I like to feel very special, who doesn’t?😆), 

-an afternoon of body massage at a spa easing off all the tension of yesteryears,

-an evening in the film house eating ice cream and popcorn. 


Anyway my last birthday was partly spent in traffic as I shuttled from one area of Ibadan to the other, trying to get a sim/data on my phone and sort out my ATM card & BVN palaver.

Still the day was made, because that evening, Momma took me to KFC where I got a pack of fries and chicken (just in case you’re wondering SVG’s KFC tastes better👏👏👏), then my sister gave me this lovely gift bag:

And later that night I got a “surprise call” from the awesome coach E (courtesy of a friend). 
Of course, I had the usual birthday calls/messages from many sweet folks both home and abroad. 
My birthday was significant because of factors like completing med school (which wasn’t beans at all) 

Cake by Adesuwa!

and reuniting with my family.

I’m grateful about all of last year, the highs and lows…it was exceptional, more than words really. On my birthday, I was not only older, I was also stronger, wiser and healthier.

Last year was a year of hard decisions and tough choices, many lessons and actions, with so much growth and change. 
God came through for me at every point where I thought I had lost it, and instead of a breakdown, I always got a breakthrough

Few years back my dream was to be married around my 26th birthday with an almost step-by-step mental picture of how glamorous that day will be. 
Well, that day has come and gone, and I’m still waiting 😉…I’m neither close to getting married nor even READY to get married…cos there’s still a lot to learn about this life. But no worries because when the time is right (and I’m ripe for marriage…😂) everything will fall into place because GOD is involved.

Dream wedding: Lots and lots of PINK🙈

Some days to my birthday, this song was dropped into my spirit:

It became my instant prayer. 

So today, I’m thankful for The Gift of Life.

A Grateful Life is a Joyful Life, a Joyful Life is a Beautiful Life.

Gen 2:7 says “God breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.” (Paraphrased). 

There’s no doubt that without being alive, I won’t even be here testifying of God’s blessings in the first place. 

Being a doctor has its perks but it’s sobering to see a patient fight for his/her life, and when it’s over, nothing can be done about it.
Sometime ago, I shared this post with my Facebook audience:

This scripture sums up my thoughts nicely:

“Praise the LORD, my soul! All my being, praise his holy name! Praise the LORD, my soul, and do not forget how kind he is. He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. He keeps me from the grave and blesses me with love and mercy. He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭103:1-5‬ ‭GNB‬‬
So what are you thankful for today? Pls share.

So here’s the special feature to the Challenge,

I’m going to be sharing some simple Spanish phrases I’ve learnt, with you all for the next 25 days!

Don’t miss out. 


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It is highly important to note that we do not just clean a space, we declutter to create order.

While the business is based in Ibadan, Oyo State, we attend to clients from other nearby cities too. Farther cities attract more charges but in the end, we make every kobo count.

We offer free phone consultations and charge for In-Home consultations.



and stay fervent.




  1. So many blessings to count really.

    Yay! I started learning some Spanish words two days ago! I use two apps Duolingo and memrise.
    It’s been interesting so far.
    ¿Como estas? ☺

  2. Awww. I love everything about this post. Me too, I’m learning French o. With the same apps Tamie mentioned. Why is everyone interested in learning a second language these days? Almost everyone I know is in the process. Well, I know I’m learning French because I hope to live in Paris for a few years. Two or three. (In Jesus’ Name 😂😂)
    Then my birthday is in a few days so this is very timely. And I have no plans, as always. The last time I had a party was when I turned two and I don’t even remember the whole thing, but pictures prove there was a party. Lol. I don’t even know how parties work. And I don’t really have friends either. I’m a recluse of sort 🙈. I’m start to feel bad about that tho. Maybe I’ll change this new year.
    And omggg 26!! Wow!! And finishing med school!! Whoop! I’m still dreaming about that day ni temi. God will do it. Thank you for sharing this. It made me happy. I’ve been having a gloomy day. This made it better.
    Plus, invite me for your wedding oooo (when the time comes) I must be there. 🙂 have a great week Dr. Eunice. Thanks again.

    1. Awwwh thank you Omooba…my cheeks are red from plenty blushing 😀
      Thank God for his mercies and the milestones I’ve reached. For you it’s only a matter of time. Enjoy the journey a step at a time.
      I have also started noticing a lot of second-language learners too. I think it’s a beautiful thing to do…learnt from somewhere that research has it that people who speak more than a language are kinda smarter…plus what started out as something fun for me to do, is beginning to make me think of adding Spanish to my CV, maybe I can work with an international organization someday, who knows?😊😉
      As for my “dream wedding”, you’re already invited!

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