Pathology Quiz Review

-15 minutes into the class-

Me: (hungry, cold, tired and sleepy)

Professor: So question 24, Eunice…what do you think is the right answer?

Me: I think it’s option E.

Professor: (looks at me intently). E? Uterine Fibroid? Why did you say that? 

Me: Well, the woman in question is an African American.

Professor: You have a point but check the vignette again. There’s something that does not add up. She’s black, she’s 54, but she doesn’t have menorrhagia. That’s high yield. I’ve told you before; African American, middle aged woman with Dysmenorrhea and Metrorrhagia, think Endometriosis. Although it’s more common in white women and you should also know that…

*Professor’s voice fades*

Me: (doodles mindlessly on notebook) 

Professor: Next question, Kamsika. What kind of Ovarian tumor do you commonly see in women of reproductive age?

Me: *thinking* Just in case (flips notebook open to Ovarian Tumor types)

40 minutes later

Professor: 5 minutes break!

Me: Yessssssssss!!!!! (First to exit the class).

(PS: Dedicated to my Pathology lecturer, who was far more interested in teaching, than I was sometimes interested in learning. Thank you for teaching, encouraging, and yabbing* us, when needed. Medical school wouldn’t have been as much fun without your role).

So last week (October 5th) was World Teacher’s day, and I’m using this medium to appreciate all my Teachers from Kindergarten, through Primary school, Secondary school, University and Medical School. Each of them contributed in making me who I am today. And I’m grateful to a remarkable few whose impart cannot be overlooked. They were the Giants on whose shoulders I stood.

I had the opportunity to teach Basic Science to Secondary School Students, during my service year (NYSC), and a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work was required at the minimum.

Thank you to all the wonderful Teachers across the globe, for preparing us for the future!

God bless you.

*yab (slang): To verbally strike a blow at someone, typically an indirect insult.



One thought on “PATHOLOGY 101

  1. Better late than never. I join in celebrating all my teachers too from Kindergarten till date. They are indeed a part of my success story.

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