Hello October! 

Hi everyone,

It’s October already!

And I’m not going to rant about how fast this year is running again.
I already did that last month.
Thankfully September did end well. Despite all the challenges, and there were a lot.
Some delay, some denial and hosts of disappointments.

But God gave me victory. As always. 
You know my first name actually means this:

 Good victory! 💃💃💃
And I have to remind myself of that again and again.

Which makes Tye Tribett’s famous song VICTORY, one of my all time favorite.

And September also marked my 11th year Anniversary in Christ. 

I know right. It’s been such a journey. I remember vividly that it was on a Sunday evening, while I was in secondary school. I was by my desk just before the night prepclass began when I made that decision. And I have had no regrets since. I can’t fully describe the joy of having a relationship with ChrIst, you have to have to experience it to understand it.

Jesus truly saves.

It hasn’t been smooth or perfect on my part, but I can categorically say that God has been faithful. And that’s why this verse of the scriptures gives me so much reassurance: 
Jude verses 24 & 25.

Then both of my siblings were a year older on the 21st of September. Our private joke is that they are both twins, 7 years apart. Haha.

Osese & Osebi.


And now,

Thank God for his faithfulness and protection.


So moving on to OCTOBER:
1. WORD FOR THE MONTH: Proverbs 23:18

2. The song HALLELUJAH, YOU HAVE WON THE VICTORY. It’s a hallelujah month for me, because I’m assured that God has won the victory in every way.

3. I recently started listening to Andy Stanley’s podcasts (thanks to my Roommate who recommended him), the guy is amazing. His teachings are sound and filled with humor. And they just make me think and think me think…no kidding.

4. Currently reading: 

I. The Complete Book Of Questions (Garry Poole)

II. Deliver Us from Me-Ville (David Zimmerman)

III. Be satisfied (Warren W. Wiersbe)
5. So Nigeria marked her 56th Independence anniversary on the 1st of this month.

photo-credit: WEB

And I’ve started sorting out my stuff…cos I really can’t wait to see my folks. It’s about time. So let the countdown begin. 

6. SVG’s independence will be later this month too. I’m really thankful for the Tropical storm (Storm Matthew) that was abated just this last week. The storm watch by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) had everyone on lock-down for about 2 days and it rained almost non-stop during that period. Apart from cutting off the water-supply for half a day and having to stay indoors, nothing much happened. Thankfully there were only minimal damages to properties but sadly one life was lost 😔. Other islands like Barbados, St. Lucia and Jamaica were also indicated. Pls keep us all in prayers. 

7. I’m in the last phase of my writing projects as mentioned last month, and I’m so grateful. I should commence work on editing the rest of MY FEFGO DIARIES and getting it published on Okadabooks as promised. Hopefully that will be before the year runs out.
8. So I decided to take this “Drink Water Challenge”, where my target is 1.5 L/day. I’ve never really had issues with taking water but I want to ensure I’m taking the right quantity. And I guess I should be prepared for more bathroom breaks. Hehe.

9. I completed the book of Proverbs and I recently started studying the book of Revelation. I think it will probably take me through the end of the year. So a friend asked me about studying the scriptures effectively and after doing some research, I learnt about the SOAP method which works so well. Of course I still make use of Bible commentaries ASAP.

The mnemonic SOAP stands for: Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. And here is an example of how I use it.

Also, I recently downloaded a scripture memorization app, VERSES, and I try to work on at least one new scripture per week. 

That’s the logo above, it’s a free app on both Google play and app stores. 

10. So I have some great news. Do you know anyone who is interested in studying medicine in the Caribbean like I did? You can check out this site and make your enquiries. Please kindly pass the info to your friends and family as well.

11. Lastly, I did this interview on THE HEENSPIRE STORY earlier this week. In case you missed it. Please if you’re in Nigeria, kindly support my friend’s budding business. Gracias.

So that’s all for this post.

I hope we all have an exciting and joyful October.

Thanks for reading.


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