My Favorite Things (Part 4/10): TO-DO-LISTS!

Hey guys,

So I did this post last year about routines.

I’m a huge fan of having routines but I understand that they don’t work for everyone. And to be honest, I’ve seen people without routines that really inspire me. It’s all about knowing what to do at the right time.

In addition to what I wrote in that post, let me add that routines:

– help me to put some structure and pattern to my day-day activities. I’m all about being DELIBERATE & DETERMINED about Life i.e. Living Intentionally. 

– help to condition my mind and focus on things that are really important. Especially things I don’t always necessarily feel like doing, e:g studying.

Humans are creatures of habits. And the more we get to do things, the more likely we are to do them again, and be known for them. Repetition births Reputation. 

Personally, getting tasks done is something I derive pleasure from. And this is because Accomplishments are a big deal to me, according to my values list:

Unlike most People, my accomplishments don’t always have to refer to things like winning awards or having big achievements…for me even getting around daily tasks are considered “worthy” accomplishments.

Each day, I have a list of things I need to get done, both mentally and on paper, when I’m not too lazy to write them down. 

loool…so true.


Since completing medschool, this is how a typical weekday looks like for me:

Quiet time-Workout (sometimes)-Bathe-Breakfast-Check messages (emails/chats)-Read books*-Study-Listen to a sermon-Social Media-Snacks/Siesta-Lunch/dinner (depends on what time I eat)-Writing-Social media-Devotion-Chores-Bedtime routines**-Sleep.

PS: I wake up anytime from 5:30 am and try to go to bed around midnight. I usually nap for about an hour during the day.

[Social media time covers watching TV, listening to TEDTALKS podcasts, reading blogs, checking YouTube, FB, chatting/calling Friends/Family etc And I don’t get to do ALL of them everyday].

**I’ve committed myself to reading from at least 3 books per day, and the categories include Personal development, Relationship/Marriage, Parenting etc You can check some of the books in my library here.

**My bedtime routines include personal hygiene, writing in my diary and having a short bible study.

Saturdays/Sundays are a bit different because I usually have to clean, cook, do laundry or make my hair and deliberately make out time to talk to atleast one friend/family member, among other things. There is usually one outing or the other during the weekend too. And  Church activities & social media also take a chunk out of my time.

So there are days I shuffle around my tasks, because I have other errands to run or friends visiting or there is a major project I’m committed to (like when I volunteered for VBS). On such occasions, I can skip one/two items on my to-do-list or stay up late to get them done.

The idea is to just keep to the basic routine as much as possible, because I want to be committed to spending my time right ESPECIALLY during this WAITING SEASON.

I watched this video by Eziaha, recently…and although I’m not a stay-at-home mom, I found it really helpful.

Time management and being consistent are keys to maximizing each day.

I also believe in setting the right priorities, which is why I wrote this post titled: PRIORITY SCALE a while back. It helps to bring a balance to HOW MUCH TIME and/or ENERGY I spend on each task. Gone are the days I tried to cram my schedule with TOO MANY tasks, just to appear BUSY. I call it the Keeping-Busy-Syndrome. I’m now more concerned about being FRUITFUL than staying BUSY.

In recent times, my TO-DO-LIST hardly exceeds 10 tasks on a given day. I spell out only the IMPORTANT things and make sure I spend quality time doing them. My priorities now centers around:

  • Spending quality time with GOD & his WORD.
  • Becoming a quality person by investing in books that expand my knowledge and perspectives.
  • Building Capacity by taking on commitments and giving my best.
  • Contributing to those around me through social media and blogging.

At bedtime each night, I get to review my day and reflect on the things I got done and tasks left undone. There are days I’m satisfied and I’m as happy as a lark. There are other days that I feel sober looking at the unticked items on my list. Completing the tasks on my TO-DO-LIST is one of my favorite things, especially on days when I don’t exactly feel cheerful.

I’m also learning that it’s important to be flexible with one’s schedule, getting things done shouldn’t be at the expense of maintaining healthy relationships. It’s a far greater blessing to ENRICH lives than to have ACCOMPLISHMENTS, whether little or significant.

So that’s it. What do you think about to-do-lists, and how do you write yours?

{PS: Here’s the beautiful and radiant bride, my friend, Oluwatomiisin, I featured her and her husband here, shortly before their wedding}.

Cheers to an Amazing Married Life, darling! 🍷🍷

Thank you for reading,


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