MY FAVORITE THINGS (Part 3/10)- Creative Photography.

My dream camera. (Photo-credit: WEB)

A picture is worth a thousand words.”  –English idiom

Let me start with a confession, two actually. As much as I love the idea of photography:

1.  I’m pretty much of an amateur at it…if a picture I take/edit looks good in my eyes, that’s it. I don’t know much about professional styles or details. I just float with my own ideas.

2. I don’t even have a Camera at the moment. I used to have a mummy-hand-me-down camera about two years ago before it was stolen. Although it was a NIKON Camera, I don’t recall the model it was and I only used it occasionally.

Next to reading, taking and editing photos is another hubby that takes a chunk of my time. I mean who spends about 10 minutes taking random selfies and another 15-20 minutes editing them? And on the days I’m very intentional, I can be on it for hours.
Even without a camera, I still try my best with the available devices (a phone and an iPad) at my disposal to come up with pictures that can blow your minds away, once in a while. I probably sound like a wannabe photographer, right?
Some years ago, in the wake of smart phones, I discovered my flair for recreating photos. Even with the minimal phone apps then, I could redesign my pictures in a dozen ways just for the fun of it. 
A friend I used to enthusiastically share some of my “edited photos” with, once mentioned that he preferred the “natural photos” because they appeared more real. I understand the crave for social media “perfection” common to young people in this age. But for me, it isn’t just about editing pictures so that they can look perfect, it’s the expression of the creativity it gives me that I enjoy.

Anyway, during the carnival here in SVG in July, the church organized a picnic at the RAWACOU beach which my friends and I attended. In our excitement, we had a mini photo-shoot. After editing and branding the pictures, I think they really looked lovely…I’ve selected a few of them for your viewing pleasure.

Photographer: Oluwazoe 

Little Model: Naila

More recently I took some shots while walking home, of a beautiful view of Saint Vincent at sunset. Here’s one of the shots (unedited):

Arnos vale, Saint Vincent.

Let me know what you think about the photos.

So I’m a wannabe videographer as well. I take videos of random occasions like when my friends are dancing or singing or just having fun. I also love to make videos out of snapshots like I did here and here. Like photography, I’m yet to master the skills & crafts needed for videography. And while I may never acquire the professional status of being either a photographer or videographer, I will continue to enjoy what I do. 

Here are the apps I use to edit my pictures, they are free on App Store/Googke Play. So you can try them out.



For videos I use,


– Quik

I’ve also used Wondershare and Animoto for videos in the past. 

Well that’s just a summary of my amateur creative photography skills. I hope I can polish them some more when I own a camera in the future.

And for the love of photography, I think there’s a photographer in each of us….that should be let it out!

Thanks for reading,



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