My Favorite Things (Part 2/10)- BOOKS!

I’m a big fan of books. That’s even an understatement. I think reading is my absolutely best hobby. 

This meme nicely summarizes my reading habit.

Aside Academic, Political or Business literature, I can literally read anything for 3-4 hours at a stretch…no kidding.
I began to develop a voracious appetite for more deliberate reading since last year and I can confidently state that I’ve read close to 20 books this year with over a dozen still sitting in my library at the moment. Some of the books are quite easy to read while others are a bit bulky, but I’m intrigued by the mystery in every page and drawn by the suspense in the next. 

What more the books I read not only shape my thoughts, but also my words and actions. I soak in every new thing I learn and constantly improve my attitude and perspective about life.

MY DREAM LIBRARY (Photo-credit: WEB)

For some time now I’ve been reading only e-books since they are more readily available and of course not as expensive as paperbacks. 
Here are the books I’m Currently reading and some life-changing thoughts I’ve gleaned from them:
1. Awaken the Giant within (Anthony Robbins)

“If you’re curious, nothing is a chore.”

“Choosing to be flexible, is choosing to be happy.”

“The secret to living, is giving.”

“If you have a big enough why, you’ll get the necessary how.”

2. When God writes your love story (Eric & Leslie Ludy)

“Temporary flings equal permanent damage.”

“A woman needs…someone who cares about her well-being, to understand what she is going through and recognize the validity of her feelings…”

“A man needs someone to accept him just the way he is…someone to trust him and depend on him for what he can provide…someone who admires him for what he has done or tried to do…”

3. Meet Mrs Smith (Anna Smith)

“Praise only becomes important when we speak it.”

“No problem is too big for God. If it is, we need to make God bigger, and watch the problem shrink.”

“Faith is there for both the good and bad times…faith is not faith until it is tested.”

“Attitudes are the beginning of values. A positive attitude is like flossing the teeth, it is not essential but it makes a lot of difference.”

And here are my to-read book collections:

1. No idea (Greg Garret)

2. Passport through Darkness (Kimberly L. Smith)

3. Be Satisfied (Warren W. Wiersbe)

4. Anxious for Nothing (John MacArthur)

5. Glittering Promises (Lisa T. Bergren)

6. Found: God’s will (John MacArthur)

7. The Stone of Destiny (Jim Ware)

8: Trophy Child (Ted Cunningham)

9. The Complete Book of Questions (Garry Poole)

10. Without Rival* (Lisa Bevere)

11. A winter in Lagos (Saratu Abiola)

12. The Monkey House (Tade Thompson)

13. Hope (Seun Odukoya)

*I downloaded the first 2 chapters for free.

How I usually get my books:

1. I’ve subscribed to this site for over 5 years now and I have access to at least 5 books each month (all PDF copies). I enjoy reading Thriller and Mystery novels. I like Stewart Giles‘ work especially on the DS Smith seriesThankfully I decided to stop reading Erotic/Romance novels as a teenager and God has helped me to stay away till date. I sure don’t need the graphic details such books portray because I need a healthy mind space to function optimally. 


I download most of my books with the CBDReader app (available on App/Google Play Stores) as weekly recommendations from David C Cook books, for free.

3. Okadabooks app 

For lovers of Nigerian authors (renowned and upcoming), this is a good place to get their books. There are dozens of free books and the paid ones are very affordable. You can download the app for free on Google Play Store.
4. Audiobooks app 

I recently discovered Audiobooks, a free app on App Store. with hundreds of audiobooks to listen to (both for free and with subscription). I’ve been listening to The Adventures of Joel Pepper (Margaret Sidney) and it’s such a lovely story.

5. PDF downloads 

So I’ve gotten a good number of books straight from the Internet at no cost. You just have to type the title and author of a book you’re interested in. (PS: The availability of such books for free largely depends on the copyright laws from the authors/publishers). 


And of course I like reading great content from different blogs. And I’ve mentioned some of my favorites here.

I can so relate to this sentiment…haha.

That’s it folks.

If you have read any of my book collections or you know a great site where I can get more amazing books for free *winks*, kindly drop a comment..😉😊

Thank you for reading! 



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