Chronicles of a Student-Doctor #7

Welcome to Family Medicine Clinic. It’s your regular walk-in clinic, where you keep the doctor’s appointment for routine check-up or any acute illness. Everything from Headache to Diabetes to Insomnia to Joint pain to Hypertension, would generally present to our clinic but any case of Emergency is directed to the Casualty department.

(Photo-credit: WEB)

Can I be honest though? My experience in the posting was relatively not so-on-point. And here’s why, I had an unusual Preceptor, with the habit of not being available on several occasions among other issues. That said the not-so-palatable situation was made up for in other ways; like spending lots of time socializing with my colleagues and some friendly nurses.

My favorite activity of all though, was people watching. I love to just randomly watch people sometimes (not in any creepy way though), and working in a relatively busy clinic afforded me that opportunity. I saw a good variety of patients (across different age-groups and social strata). Family Medicine clinic patients are diverse and so are their presentations.

Practically speaking, the posting was one of the easiest in terms of time input and hands-on requirement. I resumed to the clinic around 9:00 each morning and clinic was usually over before noon. The Knowledge base required was however wide and cut across most other medical specialties like: Dermatology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Fellow student-doctors…

A typical day had us seeing a handful of patients  followed by a mini-lecture session by our Preceptor.

When with the nurses at the antenatal clinic, we would assist with the physical assessment of patients, which was quite enlightening.

LEOPOLD’s Manouver (Photo-credit: WEB)

On some days, we attended the child clinic where routine immunizations are given to babies and infants.

I was also able to learn a thing or two about the pap smear procedure from the nurses.  

In summary, the Family Medicine posting required a different approach from the previous postings I had done, but it was a good experience all the same.

So do I think Family Medicine will make a good choice of specialty for me? A number of my colleagues have argued favorably for it as per seeing a variety of medical conditions, plus it has flexible work-hours. Well, I might consider it but I honestly can’t tell yet.

Kudos to all Primary care/Family Physicians. Keep up with the great job.

Photo-credit: WEB

Thank you for reading.




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