And the next set of bloggers I have much admiration and respect for are people of the same /similar caliber or circle (age group, passion, career etc) as I am.

They write with such depth and perspective that I can only marvel at.

To crown it all, these amazing people are believers.

God is awesome.

He created all these BEAUTIFUL MINDS to reflect his grace and glory.

And what an inspiration each of them is! 

I know some of them personally so when I say they rock, I mean it. 

Sometimes I wonder why some don’t write as often. 

I understand that a number of them are busy with life and have other platforms where they reach out to others.

In the meantime, kindly check out their blog sites:


Ede is a sound Christian lady and inspiring writer. She’s also my good friend and colleague.


Oluwanisola or Asholly as I fondly call her is also a great friend, colleague and writer. Her charisma, passion and love for the things of God have endeared many hearts to her. 


Dr. Jemima is another amazing writer who is several steps ahead of me. This lady is exceptionally gifted in what she does.  


Omooba is a young, smart and talented writer. She has a passion for making a remarkable difference in the lives of other young people.


Olaitan is an admirable young woman who writes in a way that brings the words alive. Her use of humor to pass across her message, is one of the things that sets her writing apart.


Andrew is a young and inspiring writer who is passionate about living godly and encouraging as many people as he can to do as well. I love his sharp-mindedness and sometimes unusual use of words.


Bishop Kay is exceptional with his use of words, both in writing and speaking. I’ve known him for a couple of years now and he keeps getting better at what he does. He is such an inspiration.


Thank you BEAUTIFUL MINDS, may your ink never run dry.




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