This post is not about me per se.

It is about those who have contributed to sharpen my mind into what it is today.

The biblical saying “Iron sharpens Iron” rings true.

Here’s to all the wonderful people that make it such a honor to participate in the blogging community.

I call them the BEAUTIFUL MINDS. They are my favorite bloggers.

The ones who have chosen to lend their voices and be heard across the globe irrespective of race, culture, education, social status or religion.

I’ve sat again and again, to drink from their wells of wisdom and I keep going back for more.

To be honest, my life has been enriched in every way by these BEAUTIFUL MINDS.

Kindly visit their blogs:
1. Adroitmedic’s blog.

He’s my mentor in the Blogville who deserves a special mention for introducing me to a world so beautiful. He’s an amazing writer, a skilled photographer and dedicated doctor.

2. The F.A.B Sister’s blog.

I can’t get enough of what this woman writes. The joy and love Eziaha pours into each of her posts is epic. She is a wife and a mother who portrays how to love and serve God in a practical way. 

3. BeautyBeyondBones.

A real life with real issues. Such an amazing testimony her story is. I love how she writes of her faith  in God at every opportunity.

4. Just us girls Naija.

She makes wifehood, motherhood and ministry look on FLEEK, all to the glory of God. I like that she’s open about her story, struggles and victories.

5. Dr. N’s musings.

Her ongoing fiction series: THE WOMAN I DESERVE keeps me in suspense. Plus she’s a Doctor, a Wife and a Mother too!


Thank you ALL for doing what you know how to do.
You inspire me.



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