The Valley of decisions.

Hello lovely Freaders! 😍😎☺️

Yeah, it’s a new word I recently learnt that combines- friends + readers.

I’m back from my short break. I had to pause blogging, and face my book (the Nigerian way of saying one is studying) for a while so I could prepare for the exam I had last Friday.

So technically speaking, I’m done with med school, whoop! whoop!! πŸ˜…πŸ™ƒπŸ€“

The feeling I have is beyond what I can adequately describe at the moment; Thankful, Excited, Relieved, Skeptical, Hopeful….it’s a whole lot of MIXED feelings.

But mehn, I gatz to TESTIFY. God is good.

(Photo-credit: WEB)
Moving on, I have to keep you up-to-date with my Medical School Journal series, and round it up very soon I hope.

Before then, let me do a little house-keeping.

It’s June and it’s being a beautiful month so far. I almost can’t believe it’s mid-year already, how awesome God is. I still remember the way 2016 started, with all the declarations, expectations, plans and so forth. It’s just like yesterday you know….

Hello, NEW YEAR!
So like I said, Everything about June has been on point:

1. The timely WORD. Philippians 4:13 [AMP].

I’m at a phase of my life where decisions must be weighed and made, because so many things are at stake.

How do I balance taking risks with caution? 

How do I balance my faith with common sense? 

How do I face the larger and unknown world by myself? 

Am I really ready for life?

2. The timely SONG. Oceans (where feet may fail).

I love the idea of having a song in my spirit at every phase of life I find myself in. This song is just it at the moment. Every single verse speaks volume to me.

You can find the lyrics to the song here.

3. Still on the book of GENESIS.

It’s been an insightful read so far. I never thought Genesis could be that deep. Currently on CHAPTER 24, the story of how Abraham’s servant found REBEKAH for Isaac. The Holyspirit helps to bring the word of God alive in my spirit. And what more, it is so timely for this phase of my life.

Thankfully, I can study the bible with the help of these two bible commentaries on my Bible study App. 

There’s nothing like being FED on the WORD and being LED by the SPIRIT of God on a daily basis. I’m still learning how to cultivate the habit of MEDITATION. I mean literally chewing on and digesting the WORD of God. There is no lack where the word abounds.

4. Listening to JOYCE MEYER‘s PODCAST series.

The teachings have been on point. I’m so loving what I’ve learnt. She recently taught on how focusing on developing Good HABITS can easily get rid of the bad ones. I was literally wowed.


5. Currently reading:


Hmmmn…I’m still not done yet, taking the book in a sip at a time.

Can’t get enough of this book…

Eye-opening and mind-blowing. You can’t read it and remain the same!

6. My two amazing friends’ birthdays:

I blogged about them before here and here.

June 1st:

ZOE- This brother is an AWESOME package, whether we’re prayingplaying or studying, he’s always just on point literally. Infact, I’m short of words…

June 12th:

OLUWATOYIN- My friend of 6 years plus and still counting. In describing her recently, I said she turned my life around a complete 180 degrees, that’s without even trying to. She’s all of these and more:

TTenacious. When she’s DETERMINED, she’s hyper-DETERMINED! She’s a Goal-getter per excellence.

OOutstanding. God-factor βœ… Brains βœ… Fashion βœ… Personality βœ… Domestication βœ…. My dear friend is a completely complete woman in Christ!

YYouthful. Energetic babe. Always singing and smiling, wining and dining…living life on the FAST & FABULOUS lane. She’s one of the reasons I appreciate non-conservative people. My friend can really be a SANGUINE like that.

IInspiring. This one is a no-brainer. From simply doing chores, to studying or singing, I love to watch my friend cos there is a lot to learn. TY challenges me to do better.

NNice. I’m not kidding, she’s at least 3 times Nicer than I am. I know cos we’ve lived together for almost 3 years. The way she cares for and relates with People is so amazing. She’s an easily likable person.

Because it’s her birthday….

That is all for now folks.

I’ll keep trusting God for the rest of JUNE and beyond. I’ll give updates of what is happening with/around me from time to time.

Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “The Valley of decisions.

  1. Hey Eunice, you inspire me just again.(and don’t give me the ‘you inspire me too,bla,bla)am so glad that you completed medical school.Congratulations.
    I’m sure ‘we will not hear word’ from your blogging now.Lol
    Keep basking in his grace,sis.

    P:S-I’m seeing some changes in your blog and writing style that i really like.Will get in touch via inbox.Thanks.

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