Hi guys!

So I decided to take a break from my Medical School Journal series and do this random post. I’m aware that a good number of folks (including myself) enjoy reading blogposts about day to day events. I’ve had an exciting MAY so far, and I will be sharing some of the things I’ve done/learnt with y’all.

15 funfacts about the month of MAY:

1. The WORD for the month- Ecclesiastes 3:12. Sweet!

2. The SONG for the month- You Make Me Brave (Amanda Cook & Bethel Music). It’s such a sensational song.

3. Listened to the podcast series 7 ways to increase your happiness by Joyce Meyer. I was mightily blessed.

4. Currently reading these two books:

i. AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN (Anthony Robbins). Since starting the book, I’ve been getting NEW ideas and rekindling some old ones. It’s a book that will definitely add PASSION to your dreams. I recommend it.

ii.  CHASING SUPERWOMAN (Susan  M. DiMickele). I loooove this book. It addresses issues like combining motherhood with spirituality and career. And I love the honesty with which the author writes about her personal experiences. I recommend it too.

5. Also reading this devotional for Ladies and Mothers by the very amazing Eziaha, one of my favorite bloggers. You can download it for free here.

6. I have also been studying the book of GENESIS and now on the 7th chapter, the famous story of NOAH AND THE ARK. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

7.  Just completed my 3rd week of psychiatry posting. The experience has been an adventurous one. You will be able to read about it later as featured in my Medical School Journal Series.


Last Sunday’s Sermon- SEASONS OF MY LIFE was both epic and timely. My Pastor is such a blessing. You can download the PDF version here.

9. On Sunday evening, a friend from church took us on a ride to the countryside and we had soooooooo much fun. I’ll let the PHOTOS speak! 

10. On Monday which was work-free, I was home with friends watching the second season of Funke Akindele’s JENIFA’S DIARY, an unusual combination of comedy and common sense. You can watch the movie trailer here.

11. That evening, I and my wonderful friend Ede, went on a date to mark her birthday (which was belated). She is one woman of substance and value I admire, she blogs here.

12. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flew quickly and aside work-related matters, were quite uneventful. However, I still had some FUN.

13. On Friday eveningmy friends and I had a Biblestudy on ANGER. I was thankful for the teaching because I’ve had struggles in that area in recent times. One of the passages we went through was the story of Jonah (Chapter 4) which we found quite hilarious. The main character, Prophet Jonah seemed to be seriously vexing at GOD, like some of us do sometimes. But God is always JUST and in this account, he patiently showed Jonah the errors of his thinking. 

One of my friends pointed out that ANGER is of 3 major components: the SOURCE, the FUEL and the DIRECTION. Pride fuels anger while Prayer dissipates it. I’m trusting God to breakdown every STRONGHOLD of anger that is limiting me in anyway. Phew

14. On Saturday, I attended this program organized by a group of young Christian ladies tagged “THE WOMAN IN ME” and it was such a BLESSING. The speakers were A-W-E-S-O-M-E! In particular, the teaching on communication was on point. One major take-home lesson for me was this: I’m not only responsible for what I say, I’m also responsible (to an extent) for what my hearer understands. I discovered a lot of negligence on my part and with God’s help I’m determined to do better.

Selfie with the Lady-Poet!
Selfie with my WORDED Sister!

15. So today is Mother’s Day, and I join millions of folks to celebrate all present and potential Mothers across the globe. I know womanhood and especially motherhood, is a huge responsibility. I’m passionate about women becoming all of what God has called us to be. This VIRTOUS Woman is who I aspire to become:

I look forward to enjoying every single day the rest of this month. I hope you do too. 

Thank you for reading..🙂



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