TUESDAY, 29th of March, 2016.

4:30 am
I’m awake…

But I didn’t hear my alarm ring, which is quite unusual (or did it?).

Its default setting is 4:25 am for weekdays. (I’m an early riser, just like the Proverbs 31 Woman..lol)


Oh and I love my alarm tone, by the way…it’s a favorite song “OVERFLOWING GREATNESS” by Lekan Oyekanmi. Y’all should listen to it here

I especially love the part that says “my future is calling me, I arise“. It gives me a reason to actually get out of bed.

For my Quiet time, today was one of the days I was wide awake enough to transport myself from my bed to the couch. Hallelujah! Relocation is one of the tools I use to wage WAR against laziness especially with regards to Prayers and Studying! 
So here’s the passage I read from:


My devotional focused on how we all tend to focus so much on safety that it has become an idol. Instead of stepping out of our Comfort Zone into the unknown like Peter did, many of us prefer to sit back in the boat like the remaining disciples and miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The message of the cross isn’t safety first, infact Jesus says “Whosoever will save his life will lose it…” (Matthew 10:39). For God to be able to do some things through us, we must be willing to trade what we know for what we don’t know. So my question is this: how safe is too safe? Think about it.

And because I’m not quite done with Easter yet, I worshipped with this songHallelujah, Jesus is Alive.

(I’m a big fan of Ron Kenoly’s music. He used to be famous in our house when I was growing up, and I still get sentimental whenever I listen to some of my old favorites).

 But really, perhaps you and I can take some time to reflect on the lyrics:
Hallelujah, Jesus is alive,

death has lost its victory,

and the grave has been denied, 

Jesus lives forever, 

He’s alive!”

After my devotion, my morning went thus, in a nutshell:

I took my bath (which lasted about 10 minutes or so. I like to time myself while in the bathroom, by playing a favorite song. That way I know if I’ve stayed too long or not. This morning, my choice was OCEANS, where feet may fail. You can listen to it here).


(Don’t you just love your bathroom? Well, I love mine. Most of the time. It’s top priority. I take real efforts to ensure it stays relatively neat and odour-free. My ideal bathroom would be so awesome that I should be able to have a cup of tea in there…lol.

PS: I find the picture frames a little amusing. It seemed a little out of place at first though).

Got dressed


(Ehm, I know it’s not all that impressive but I’ll get there someday! Hehe.. I’ve always loved calendars with daily inspiration quotes and that’s one right there.)

Studied a bit, along with a quick Breakfast (A piece of Bread with a mixture of corned beef, mayo, butter, onions, mustard, etcetera; AND ol’plain WATER! I’m not a fan of Morning Tea).

half-eaten breakfast..lol

(Yes, I’m a very light eater).

And I was out of the house like a breeze! 

6:38 am

Selfie time..

So, I beat my own record by leaving the house that early (6:45 am being my daily target).

And I also had to take out the TRASH, wastes are collected on Tuesdays in the area where I live. I once wrote a related piece here.  

(But no trash pictures…lol).


(I enjoy the morning walk from my house to the Bus stop. It helps to burn some calories from breakfast, and helps with building my physical stamina too. I’m currently off my workout regime. Let’s talk about this later).

7:09 am.
I arrived at the hospital.


(MCMH, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines)

The Ward was almost empty surprisingly, I guess most patients didn’t want to spend the Easter weekend in the hospital. I wouldn’t want to either, emergency or not, lol. 

Maternity Ward

So we had a very brief wardround followed by a presentation by one of the medical interns. The topic was Placenta Previa, a very important obstetric indication for Cesarean sections. I won’t bore you with the details, but here’s a link you can read from if you’re interested. 

A couple of medical students, starting their O&G posting joined us today. Of the 5 students in our group, I’m now the most senior, since it’s my final week.

Another selfie…
(Yes, I love to POUT ☺️😉).
The day went pretty fast, as we busied ourselves. I got to clerk just one patient, then the Senior Registrar told me I could go home and STUDY! (Yeah, my end-of-posting exam is in 48 hours and it was a privilege to get off early).

H & P note

(Writing, the part of medicine I clearly enjoy the most, next to conversing with a patient…lol)

12:39 pm

I left the hospital.

I was home within 30 minutes. The first thing I did was to put up the curtains, I like to have a well-lit room, a habit I learnt from my mum. 

Let in some Sunshine..

I then went to relax on the sofa a bit, and happily munched the patties I had bought, as I browsed through my phone to see if I had messages pending via email or social media. 

Soon enough, I went to bed.


Hello Teddy…
(Yes, mum got me this Teddy. I’ve always loved teddies. One of my dreams is to have at least 3 different teddies behind the backseat of my car. Cool, isn’t it?)

3:27 pm

I’m back from La La land.

My siesta was quite refreshing and I was prepared to face the evening. Oh yes! My Roomie was back and I could appreciate the aroma from the plantain she was frying. What to have for lunch, I asked myself?


I eventually decided: Some Potato Pie with grilled Turkey breast, and some chilled Sprite to go with it.


I know right, I  promise not to taste any food till tomorrow morning. It seems I’ve been eating a lot more these days, perhaps it’s the after-effect of the Easter festivities. At this rate I hope I don’t end up adding a pound or more.

(PS: I’m still watching my weight o, abeg…like I tell anyone who cares to listen, my brideprice never complete, so I can’t shout. Pun intended. By the way I’ve been off my Workout regime for over a month now, I’ve not been serious. I plan to resume SOON, it can be as SOON as next week. I hereby call on all the forces of SELF-MOTIVATION and DISCIPLINE to aid my cause..lol).

5:51 pm
Studying has since commenced. The travails of a medical student. Nobody told me the road would be easy, so I can’t give up now.



(PS: That fine handwriting doesn’t belong to me o. It’s a friend’s. My writing is BAE abeg…hehe).

Shortly after, I needed some motivation to study, so I decided to chat with my wonderful friend and we ended up having this long conversation, of more interesting stuffs than just books. 

7:14 pm
My Roomie and I had our evening devotion where we sang, and shared what we had studied during our quite time respectively. After that I led the prayer and we shared the grace. It all lasted less than 20 minutes.

Not too long after, I went to iron my scrubs in readiness for tomorrow. It’s O&G surgery day! And it’s going to be my last one for this posting. 

MY SCRUBS (with my school logo)

8:38 pm

Still booking. And yes, I’ve transferred to the couch. Chewing some gum (thanks to my Flatie) as we speak, cos the book must enter by FIRE!!! Lol..


Still booking…

10:11 pm

Took off some time to visit Facebook and attend to Whatsapp messages, and resumed “booking”…lol. I’ve now switched to solving practice questions. Maybe we can do this together, hehe…if you’re medically-oriented, can you kindly answer the question below?



10:57 pm

Yippee! Done with the books for tonight, glory to God. I’ve since performed most of my bedtime rituals: Clearing the dishes and cleaning up, brushing my teeth and washing my face. 

11:00 pm


Diary love 😘

it’s diary time, which will be followed by reading the scriptures! No better way to end the day than with God’s word. (I’m currently on the 13th Chapter of The Acts, and it’s been an interesting read so far).

I love my BIBLE too.

11:09 pm

And guess who just messaged me? It’s none other than  Ma Mère one and only super AMAZING Momma of life. Here’s a snapshot of our convo (trust me, it’s only a tip of the iceberg).

My mum of life!

12:02 am

I know right, I’ve entered another day already. Ok, I’m done. My mum has asked me to go to bed and I have a long day ahead. 
12:11 am

Finally in bed, it’s lights out. Sweet dreams, everyone. 

*** ***

Thanks for staying tuned people and I hope you found it enjoyable. Till I come your way again sometime in the near future, I remain yours sincerely,




abeg– please.

booking- studying.

bride price- a sum of money or quantity of goods given to the bride’s family by that of the groom, especially in tribal societies.

6 thoughts on “A DAY IN MY LIFE.

  1. Wow… You dey talk o. Lol. Please, eat well o. And sorry, I couldn’t comprehend the medical questions by the time I got to the second line. I would have answered it. 😁 Plus, too much studying wearies the flesh, please!

    1. Lol…thanks jaare. I will try my best to eat well and still keep fit. As for studying, unfortunately, it can only be too little, it can’t be too much…😭😪

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