Have you ever met a music-lover? Or are you one? I mean the type of people who have headphones in their ears every other time when they are not having a conversation. Some of these people literally breath, eat and drink music. To them life isn’t complete without it. They know the latest songs in their favorite music genres. They have favorite artistes and keep discovering new ones. Their world entirely centers around music. A fellow blogger Omooba, who is such an example, claims she has a 1000+ songs on her Playlist. I was Amazed. Until recently, I didn’t even realize my phone had default playlists: recently played, most played, favorite tracks and recently added. The discovery has further piqued my interest in music.

There’s this friend of mine who likes to have his playlist on repeat all-day as long as he is indoors. No matter what he is doing, there is music likely being played at the background. And he likes to sing along too. At first, I used to be like what? Can’t we have some quietness in this place? I mean I’m someone that can actually live with absolute silence. No Tv, No Music, No Talking, Nothing. And No, I don’t find it boring. Infact, I find noise typically distracting. That’s why it’s rare for me to have the Tv/Radio on without sitting to watch/listen. Some folks claim they like some background noise especially when they are at home alone. Well, I love my beautiful moments of quiteness. They give me the time/space to think/reflect, which I do a lot.

In the last few months though, my interest in music has escalated. From being the occasional music-playing-type whenever the desire arises, I’m fast becoming a music freak. Yes to music in the shower; Yes to music during my laundry/chores; Yes to music while walking on the street; Yes to music in the bus; Yes to music as I go to sleep; Yes to music, anytime and anywhere! And I’m loving the experience. Music is BEAUTIFUL. Ofcourse as a lover of God, I stick to Christian music, because I believe what I choose to listen to should both edify my mind and glorify God. Thanks to YouTube, I can easily find lyrics to lots and lots of worship songs. Well let’s just say that friend of mine, has largely influenced my current taste of music, especially indigenous ones. Yeah, some Naija Gospel artistes are on point: #ChrisDelvan, #ChrisMorgan, #NathanielBassey…to mention a few.

Music is therapeutic for the soul, it frees the cluttered mind. Like writing, it can be used to cure both the mind’s excitement and depression. Unlike writing however, even a person with the crudest skills can produce some form of music. No formal training is required to learn simple music. 

Music is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. It’s a common language that cuts across all tribes, nations and people. And it cuts through any situation too, celebration, war, famine, life or death.

What Food is to the human body, Music is to the human soul. Songs are powerful seeds to feed your soul with. You can tell the kind of person someone is, just by the kind of songs the person chooses to listen to. The world we now live in thrives on that knowledge; and to our disadvantage, has captured the minds of many, especially younger folks, with all sorts of volatile music. These days, most songs contain explicit sexual and obscene words. Rather than edify, they promote promiscuity, rebellion and violence. Just like poisonous food is toxic to the physical health, so is unwholesome music toxic to the mental health. Beware of what you listen to!

This year, I hope you too can cultivate the habit of listening to music more often, especially soul lifting, spirit-filled and inspiring ones. Like the scripture says “Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry, let him sing psalms.” (James 5:13). Thankfully, Christian music covers both aspects.

Let there be a song on your lips each morning as the sun rises, and by evening as the sun sets. 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman) is a good place to start. Enjoy!




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