It’s easy to fit in. To flow with the crowd. To have that sense of belonging. To laugh with the others. To be a part of their world. 

It’s lonely to standout. To flow against the tide. To have no sense of belonging. To have no one to laugh with. To be lost in your own world.


I was the atypical child, alone in my corner, in a world of many fantasies;

I was the atypical teen, weird in my thoughts, naive in my actions;

I’m the atypical woman, difficult to understand, no where to fit in.

I have never been popular, and hardly ever seen or heard of.

I tried to be like her, like the pretty girl just next door..

I was shooed off the stage, no one wanted to hear me sing,

Then I knew, I would never belong to that crowd..

So I took my pen and the thoughts began to flow..

Today I write, lending my voice to the entire world, 

My contribution is but a tiny drop in the mighty ocean. 

I’m content with being different. I’m glad I cannot fit in.

Who I am, is who I was. And who I was, is who I will continue to be. 


There’s no use trying to lose yourself in order to gain the acceptance or approval of others. There’s nobody more ORIGINAL than you are. God created you unique. To be DISTINCT, you have to be DELIBERATE.  Be deliberate about how you live, your thoughts, words, actions and habits all matter. Make every minute of your day count. 

Sometimes it will be hard, most times it will be lonely. But to make a difference, you have to stand apart. It’s good to connect but you don’t have to conform. You were made to STANDOUT, You were born to FLY! Don’t allow anyone tell you otherwise. 

This year as you discover your uniqueness, remember this: YOUR POTENTIAL IS IRRELEVANT, UNTIL IT BECOMES A CONTRIBUTION TO THE SOCIETY




2 thoughts on “LESSON 20: BE DELIBERATE! 

  1. Thanks Eunice. I needed this today. 🙂 Being deliberate is definitely not a crowd thing. God bless you and the little drops you offer into the mighty ocean. Everything you do does matter. ❤

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