Tonight I write on perhaps my most favorite topic of all times. Since reading Keith Harrell’s book, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING early last year, my life has experienced a major turn-around. I’ve read quite a number of books, but this one in particular remains remarkable and I’d gladly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it. Though I’m yet to make use of all the lessons I picked from the book, if given the chance I will read it all over, maybe 2 or more times. Thanks to the author, I now know that how I do what I do is more important than what I do, and how I respond to what happens to me is more important than what happens to me.  

As a believer this is of significant importance, since my thoughts/words/actions should be as guided by the Holyspirit. With my current understanding, I am more conscious of his role in my life. I’m learning to deliberately act rather than react to anything that life throws my way. And I’m learning to choose my thoughts and words carefully especially in line with the scriptures. I must confess however that this hasn’t been a smooth journey, but thankfully I’m not where I was when it started.




So I used to be naturally pessimistic. I was more concerned that things would likely not work out. Then I used to think “what if this fails?” and come up with possible negative scenarios. Praise God! Those days are long gone. Now I deliberately condition my mind to think “what if this succeeds?” After sometime I discovered that failure was no longer a threat to me. With the right attitude, I now see failure as an opportunity to even succeed better. 

I believe that applying the right attitude to every area of our lives will give rise to more buoyant daily experiences for us. Our Attitudes reflect in our actions, and our actions are a product of our thoughts. And ofcourse these thoughts arise from whatever we allow our minds to be exposed to. That’s why the importance of God’s WORD in the heart of a believer, cannot be taken lightly. In a nutshell, when our thoughts are moulded into a particular kind of mindset (belief), we have established a perspective, that is, the way we look at some things. Our perspectives form the basis for our Attitudes. 

Take for instance, a certain person who believes that every woman’s primary responsibility is to give birth to children, prepare meals and take care of the home. Such a person would generally look at women that way, including the Queen of England, and perhaps question campaigns for Girl-child education, Gender Equality and Women empowerment. If the person happens to work for a female boss, this attitude may affect their relationship too.

This year, we must learn to cultivate the right attitude in everything we do. In the workplace, Diligence is an Attitude, Excellence is also an Attitude. In our relationships, Selflessness is an Attitude, Giving is an Attitude and so is Humility. As we fellowship with God, we must realize that Worship is an Attitude. No wonder the scripture says those who worship him must do so in spirit and truth (John 4:24). Then Gratitude is an Attitude as well. The list is endless. Attitude is a choice. If we can take time to evaluate our thoughts, we can determine what positive attitudes to build/keep. 

Attitude is EVERYTHING! 

PS: You can also read this related Post I wrote early last year.





  1. My pick. What if this succeeds? Cultivating this mindset like immediately. I believe it will do a lot to smother pessimism. Thanks

  2. Refreshing perspective.We all must come to a point where we deliberately form our attitude by following through from the level of thought to the level of actions and keeping it in line with the blueprint of the Word. Only then will our progress be evident to all..Great Job sis

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