Have you ever had an experience that felt like a total disaster? I’m referring to those random occurrences that interfere with your otherwise well-laid-out plans for a very pleasant day. For instance getting your favorite shirt burnt on a Monday morning, or losing your treasured bracelet at a Christmas Outing; What about getting completely soaked from a downpour after a long, hard and tiring day at work?  These things happen and they suck!

Like that day last year, when my external hard drive accidentally dropped to the floor while trying to get some materials into it, and that was the END of it. I honestly wanted to crash along too. I mean there was SO MUCH STUFF in that device that I treasured, lots of study materials inclusive. I had lost my laptop to theft the previous year, and that disk happened to contain a number of my archives. And just in the fraction of a second it was gone too. “Why God, why? Couldn’t you have prevented the disk from slipping off my hands?” I questioned.

I’ve experienced a few minor, and sometimes significantly terrible events that made me wonder if maybe some unseen agents/forces were sent to frustrate me. I know that sounds far-fetched but it’s a Nigerian thing. Whenever there’s an unfortunate occurrence, no matter the likely explanation for it, we prefer to blame the demons. 

Life has a way of surprising us at the most unexpected moments with events that can frustrate our plans. There are situations that will shake you but you mustn’t allow them to crush you. There will be floods of disappointments and discouragements, but you shouldn’t let the waves swallow you. When you are hit by a sudden random misfortune, don’t sit wallowing in self-pity. Sometimes, these things just happen for whatever reason. We can however take pleasure in knowing that nothing happens to God’s children by mistake. Eventually, God allows his plans and will to come to pass through our situations. The requirement is for us to TRUST him completely.

He knows. He cares. He sees. He hears. Nothing, no matter how random it seems, takes God by surprise. Be STILL, and know that he is God (Psalm 46:10).

Many times Accidents are what they truly are, Accidents. Don’t take them too personal.

Mishaps are not fatal.




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