That moment you realize that the people you once knew, are no longer the people you now know. And the things you used to love, are not things you love anymore.” Change!

Change in this context, is a process that can be both painful and exciting. There are healthy and unhealthy concepts that can be applied to change, but we will stick with the former.

It’s what a tree experiences when it sheds its leaves during Autumn; leaving the warmliness of the sunny summer, and looking forward to the loneliness of the cold winter.

It’s what a first-time mother goes through in bringing forth a new life. The pain of childbirth on one hand, and the joys of motherhood on the other.

Change is also what we see during the developmental milestones (cooing, grasping, rolling, sitting, walking etc) of a baby, all through childhood, to the first signs of puberty (menarche, facial & pubic hair growth, deepening of the male voice, female breast development etc) in a teen.

Change is a journey we all must go through and it’s not always an easy one. Some forms of change are drastic (like the sudden loss of a loved one), while others are gradual (like a person going through physical rehabilitation). None of these is however without challenges.

Everyone loves to progress but not everyone likes change. Unfortunately, the former cannot do without the latter. For a caterpillar to become a butterfly, it must learn to fly. Many of us are so comfortable with what is familiar, that the thoughts of anything different can be frightening. Change is however, inevitable.

Like my secondary school friend liked to quote, “if you refuse to change,  you will become (a) change.” In other words, a person who refuses to accept/adapt to change will eventually be discarded.

Year 2015 was a year of change, mostly subtle ones which have contributed to who I am now. I was able to learn that Feelings changeSeasons change, People change, and Situations change. And I made effort to to embrace those changes by adjusting my thoughts/attitudes.

Change is a beautiful adventurous ride. You really don’t know all there is to expect until you are on the other side. But staying in the same spot is not an option either. Sooner or later it would lead to frustration.

Adapting to Change is one of the major keys to not just surviving, but enjoying life. This year, do your best to progress and not regress in the face of Change. Keep moving forward.




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