Last November, I wrote this post Transient Feelings. I think y’all should read it.


Aside intelligence, our emotions as humans are what set us apart from most Animals. I said most, because a lot of people have argued that some animals are also emotionally-inclined. Like dogs for instance, they have been described as the best non-human companions ever known to man. A dog that has lived around you long enough would probably sense a difference in your moods and react accordingly. Happy dogs are generally seen to wag their tails, while unhappy ones usually appear morose. There are other animals however, like the butterflies, the fishes, the cockroaches and so on, that we can’t readily say whether or not they are capable of having such emotions. 

Human emotion is that part of our nature that is so complex, yet very beautiful. We have the unique ability to feel and express joy, sadness, anger, fear, excitement, disappointment and everything in between, from time to time. A friend once described Emotions as feelings that are always in motion. It is possible to feel good one moment, and seconds apart (at the turn of an event or news), you feel otherwise. Occasionally we experience that neutral state, when we are literally neither happy nor sad, we are just there.

 It becomes awkward when we place too much emphasis on the way we feel. And even worse when we base significant judgements on them. Feelings are just a reflection of our thought-processes, and the interpretations we give to the events that happen to us both internally and externally. The quality of our thoughts often produce the quality of our emotions. The more refined we think, is the more refined we feel.

I have come to understand that I don’t have to feel right, to act right. I can consciously decide the way I feel, by continuously making the right choices.We must realize that we are not a product of our feelings, but a product of the choices we make or do not make. Including the choice to respond to or ignore certain feelings. We might feel wronged, hurt, despised, discouraged or betrayed, at some point or the other, but we mustn’t let those feelings define/control us.

Feelings in themselves are not bad, the problem is when we allow them (especially the negative ones) to take root and become our convictions. Feeling bad is often not as bad as it feels

 I used to be have intense “mood swings” as a young girl/teenager, and that wasn’t pretty at all. Sometimes, I’d go on sulking for hours or days, over something of relatively little importance. It affected my relationship with others and also my self-esteem. Thankfully with the help of the Holyspirit, my life has since been transformed. Those who knew me back then, can testify to this change. Although I still have those atypical moments, I’m not controlled by them anymore. 

Now whenever something unpleasant happens, my worst reaction is to feel bad and cry; but I’ve also learnt (and I’m still learning) with God’s help, to let go and move on


This year, you don’t have to be limited by the way you feel. You can instead choose to: 

Forgive quickly.

Let go of any Emotional baggage. 

Show Love.

Have Faith. 

Trust God.



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