Some of my Facebook friends will remember this post I shared about how cockroaches had invaded my Apartment, towards the end of last year. Here’s a screenshot from the story:


What my friends didn’t realize was that the story didn’t end there. In fact, things got relatively worse after that. My Apartment became like a Zoo to those silly, creepy creatures (yet beautifully crafted by an Amazing God!). It was both frustrating and exasperating

Like I shared in that post, I was no longer afraid of them as such, I was just ANGRY. Angry that the first thought that came to me on waking every morning was seeing the cockroaches. Angry that coackroaches were usually what I saw as soon as my lights came on. Angry that there were no areas of my house out of bounds to them, not even my bed! I was so angry that there were times I’d wake up and lie still in bed for a couple of minutes, mentally exhausted from just thinking about the coackroaches.

I know it sounds dumb but those coackroaches were my obsession. Even when I return from outings, I’d expect to see them running around the apartment. And they usually did. My day was always made whenever I managed to kill at least 2 or more of them. I did everything I could to deal with the situation but that didn’t stop them. Those creatures continued to wax stronger! 

Then ONE DAY, it hit me. I was only getting what I anticipated. The more I expected to see the coackroaches, the more I saw them. I know my experience seems way too domesticated, but the principle is applicable in other areas of life too. 

“The Problems we expect, are often the problems that manifest.”

Thanks to the Magic Portion from my Cuban Neighbor, the cockroaches in my apartment are now almost non-existent. The only ones I see these days are mostly either dead or are about to. What a relief! Yours sincerely now has her life back in full, GLORY TO GOD! And shame to the Devil.


This year, give no room to Pessimism. Don’t allow anything that will limit your progress into your MINDSPACE. Guard your thoughts diligently!

Remember, what you see, is what you get. Beware of NEGATIVITY!




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