NEVER SAY NEVER IN MEDICINE“, was a favorite quote from my Pathology Lecturer. Obviously, medical science is an evolving field and a lot things change with time. Now I have seen how that simple saying can benefit us in our daily affairs.

Once upon a time, I was that lady that said “NEVER” about a lot of things. Before you go further, pls note that this post only applies to a general context of things. There are definitely exceptions, some things should DEFINE you as an individual. So apply wisdom as needed.

Ok, even before I became that lady, as a teenager I told anyone that cared to listen point-blank how I was NEVER going to dress in a certain way (accessories, hair-do and the likes). Fast-forward to some 7, 8, 9 years later, I literally ate my own words back. Recently, a friend gifted me with a photo-shoot session for my birthday. The shots came out great, and the lady who did my makeup was such a pro, that everyone was pleasantly surprised at the result. Including myself. If anyone had asked me to subject myself to any form of make-over a few years back, I would have blatantly refused. Now I proudly wear my own amateur makeup whenever I can. And who knows what next? 

I also used to be the kind of person who would say NEVER to befriending a certain type of person or eating a paricular food or participating in a specific activity, just because. Last year, there were instances I interacted with people I NEVER thought I would like from a distance, and I was amazed how we got along together so well. Other instances, my friends compelled me to try some new things I NEVER believed I would like, which turned out quite enjoyable. 

There is another twist to it though, there were some expectations some folks NEVER expected me to measure upto, that I did. Some goals I committed myself to and persisted in, got shocking reactions from some of even my close friends. Who would have thought I could stick to something as rigorous as a WORKOUT routine? Well, NEVER say NEVER.

Since I now know better, I can relate to several things with more objectivity. I’m more cautious about the use of the word NEVER. I don’t know if the things I have little interest in now would eventually become a big part of my life in the near future, like Football…lol.

This year, don’t shut the doors to new experiences by saying NEVER. Take each day as a new adventure. Explore & Enjoy the scenery of Life, with friends, family, food, nature and ofcourse God. 




2 thoughts on “LESSON 8- NEVER SAY NEVER!

  1. I agree to not saying never. Even if our system agrees against a course, evolution arrives stronger. A lot can change if we simply remain open. Keeping this in mind for the day. Thanks

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