What would it be like to live in a world where you are without at least one person, to call a true friend? It’s hard to process that, it’s really hard! 


I’ve come across a few folks who say they don’t have any friends. Maybe because they believe there are too many fake people around, or because they don’t really have the time to keep friends or because they just don’t give a damn! Well, I feel sorry for them because they don’t realize what they are actually missing.

“Friendship is a beautiful garden to be cultivated and explored. Its leaves blossom when we tenderly nurture it with affection and love.” (Requine, 2016)

For the most part of last year, I enjoyed the benefits of having some great and amazing friends in my life. People of like minds that I could talk to, share ideas with, get advice from and be encouraged by. Sometimes we prayed, played or argued. Other times they cautioned or corrected when I erred. The year made some of the fondest memories I’ve had in my lifetime. I wrote this post Friends, Friendships & Friendliness last November. Through some of my friends’ recommendations, I was blessed by amazing books, movies, lots of music and messages!

I’m grateful to God for all the beautiful friends he places at strategic moments of my life. I’m where I am today partly because of the kind of company I’ve kept over the years. Concerning my choice of friends, I haven’t had any regret or unfortunate incident. I always feel blessed, thinking and talking about this. I mean I’ve heard tales of Friendships-gone-sour; but thankfully, I’ve never been a victim of being stabbed in the back by a friend.

By virtue of my temperament (PhlegMel), I’m prone to be easily influenced by others. Thank God for steady, worded, faith-practicing, spirit-filled, growing & prayerful Christian friends, whose influences have greatly been to my advantage. I just can’t thank God enough. This has been my testimony, Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)– Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. TRUE FRIENDS REALLY MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!

Towards the end of last year, two of my very good friends changed their location. It dawned on me that I shouldn’t take the people God has placed in my life for granted, because they won’t always be there.

Last year also, my relationship with a friend (Let’s call her Sally Sanguine), almost hit the rocks, but for God’s divine intervention. I strongly sense in my spirit that it was the enemy’s intention to destroy our divinely-planned friendship for mere misunderstanding on both sides. It took a lot of forbearance, patience and prayers to stay put. If not we would have added to the growing statics of friendships-gone-sour. 

In the light of that experience, I learnt that it’s not enough to be a good friend, I had to make conscious effort not to become a bad friend. When God started to show and deal with me on the issues of my being annoyingly critical of others, and that I was harbouring sins like envy and jealousy in me, I was shocked. I had to struggle with a lot of emotions and there were times I wept sore. It was pathetic. But thank God I was able to confess and let go of the offenses. Today, my friend and I have a more cordial relationship, void of malice or bitterness. And many good things have happened between us since.

Friendship, like most other relationships demands a level of commitment. If you keep taking from more it more than you’re depositing into it, the friendship will go bankrupt!

Be a TRUE friend this year. Don’t just receive, Give.




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