That moment you realize that there is something you now know, that you didn’t know that you didn’t know, until you knew! 

Now that’s a mouthful. My point is life has a way of bringing a person to that OMG Moment, when a new information hits home. Then the response is along the lines of: 

 “I don’t believe it! You mean he told you all that…?”

Oh, now I see!” 

No wonder she’s always so quiet.

And often with corresponding actions based on the realities of that new information.
It’s awkward to go through life as though we have things all figured out. It’s one of the reasons relationships get complicated. We often interact with the world like we know so much, that there’s hardly nothing new we can learn from it. Or something we can unlearn or perhaps, relearn.


Last year, I had a couple of experiences that made me realize that there were things, many things in fact, that I didn’t know. Especially in relating with people. Like different perceptions about life. Not everyone saw things the way I did. So I began to put the pieces together, no wonder this, no wonder that, now I know better. And then I changed some of my thought-patterns, and my attitude and actions soon followed. Like the bible says, The truth sets free! (John 8:32).

I later confessed to a friend, that I’m naive on a lot of subjects. Stuffs that are common knowledge to others. There are times I stay quiet in conversations just to allow new information sink in. Many times, I try not to let on that I’m totally new to a subject being discussed. 

No man is an island. It’s through our interactions with others that we absorb new information, whether good or bad. It’s foolishness to paint a world of so many diversities in a single color. The world is neither realist nor idealist, capitalist nor socialist, conservative nor liberal. The world is a mixture of THEM all, and everything in between. 

We don’t have uniform thoughts, opinions or ideals. But our unique differences should promote unity. Unfortunately the opposite is usually the case. When we view the world through single-colored perceptions, we judge others too harshly and jump to conclusions too easily. 

Wisdom is when we allow ourselves to gain insight into other people’s views about life. We don’t always have to agree with them, but at least we can understand where they are coming from, and where necessary treat them with kindness and respect. 

You don’t know everything and that’s okay. The only way you get better is by admitting to yourself how much you don’t know. That’s how you can truly learn. 

“He that knows not, and knows that he knows not, is willing. Teach him.” (Old Chinese Proverb).

So embrace this new year with an open mind: 

LEARN something new, 

UNLEARN anything unhealthy, and 

RELEARN some forgotten truth.

Cheers to a great 2016🍷🍷🍷,




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