LESSON 4: There’s no MAGIC to SUCCESS!

During my secondary school days, I always found myself admiring the Scholars in my school. You know, those kind of students that would have straight As in their end-of-term assessments. The smart brains always getting prizes at the School’s speech/prize giving day. The unbeatable ones who were the Teachers’ favorites, representing the school locally and globally. Geniuses born to excel and made to rule over the likes of myself (who struggled to pass common subjects like Maths and Physics). Ah! How much I admired those folks. I remember our class scholar in particular, how I’d steal glances at her during prep classes and find her gisting with friends. I always wondered how she could be so smart. What was so different about us?

While the definition of SUCCESS varies according to the context in which it’s being applied, we all would agree that Success is something we all crave. In our school work, relationships, career, business, ministry or other life’s pursuits, whether actively or passively, everyone wants to succeed at something. 

I didn’t realize until much later that I’d been short-changing myself all along, with the mentality that Success was for a selected few, who perhaps were divinely or genetically set apart for some great exploits. And I wasn’t one of them. 

Thankfully, my mindset about Success has since changed. Success for me means maximizing all the potentials I have towards a given course, and getting concrete results from it. I now know that it’s not enough to desire success, I must take deliberate actions to make it a reality. Because I realized that for everything that gets done, somebody somewhere is doing what he/she should be doing.

Last year was one of the most productive years I’ve known, besides Academic achievements. I began to actively apply the 3D Principle of Success I had learnt as a young teenager; Determination, Diligence and Discipline! And making use of them in that order, brought a remarkable transformation for me in no time. I was able to achieve things I ordinarily wouldn’t have. 

There is no MAGIC to Success. There’s no hidden FORMULA either. Successful people have one major thing in common- HARDWORK! They are always willing to PAY the PRICE for the PRIZE. Sadly, a lot of us choose to remain mediocres through our words, attitudes and actions, yet claim that success eludes us. 

Success is like a piece of MAGNET. It attracts those who admire and strive for it, and repels those who despise and condemn it in others. Some people consciously or unconsciously “beef” those who have achieved something ahead of them. Worse still, they bring up ridiculous claims as to why those people succeeded and they did not.

“Oh, she was just lucky to pass Chemistry that year. She’s not that smart.” 

“He only got that appointment because his Uncle is a stakeholder in the firm, he doesn’t deserve it.”

While some of those claims might have elements of truth, we only do ourselves great injustice by focusing on them. A success-oriented person is sincerely excited when other people succeed. 

This Year you can strive for EXCELLENCE in all you do, by applying the 3D Principle of Deliberate SUCCESS!




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