LESSON 2: GOD Answers Prayers! 

That may sound like a cliché, but in reality it’s not. As a believer, I’d always known the importance of prayer in bringing God’s will to pass. However, after facing a couple of challenges and seeing how God brought about outstanding results when I prayed, I can reiterate that point: God does answer prayers!


Year 2015 was tough for me in many ways. I got to know lack like I’d never known it before. I had struggles in relating with some folks. I experienced a level of stress that intermittently gave way to depression. My health was affected a couple of times. I faced uncertainty, discouragement and frustration. But in all of this, I learnt to trust God better. It wasn’t an easy ride, but through the highs and lows, I found his faithfulness dependable.

I have learnt how to dance with him through the storm, wait till he tells the rain to stop and commands the sun to shine. I understand now that Victors are not made in times of Abundance but during times of Adversity. In my lack, I discovered contentment. In my relationship issues, God dealt with my critical spirit, and exposed some hidden vices in my heart (like envy and jealousy). I was able to learn more about stress and practical ways to cope with depression. I discovered new healthy habits and enjoyed divine healing too. I knew the love, joy and peace of God in greater measure. And I’m still learning and growing. 

Yes, I prayed through and got my breakthrough, but not before being broken. Sometimes we get so focused on praying for particular results, that we miss several lessons along the journey. It’s important to have expectations in the place of prayer but our focus should be on God himself. That way, he can get through to not only our needs but also our hearts. 

One truth I’ve now learnt is that, prayer not only changes things but it also changes me. Sometimes I ask God to fix a particular situation and he says, “Daughter I need to fix you first.” And that has changed my perspective about a lot of issues. I can now pray with a more open heart, trusting God’s will to prevail in whatever outcome I face. Sometimes a prayer has already been answered but the manifestation doesn’t appear immediately. Oftentimes, I see the result right in front of me before I remember that I’d already prayed about it. That’s why it’s good, whenever you can, to document what you expect from the Lord. That way you don’t miss it when it happens.

God is faithful and just. He won’t withhold anything good from the righteous. He’s a miracle worker, and a mountain mover. He knows, he sees, he hears, he cares. He wants the best for you and me, always.

Don’t stop believing, God answers prayers! 




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