LESSON 1: There are ALWAYS Helpers to your Destiny.

Hi guys.

Welcome to February. So here’s what I asked you all to look forward to. I’ll use this medium to share some of the significant lessons I picked up in my journey through 2015. I hope you find some of them helpful and applicable to your own journey through this year.


*** *** ***


I started last year with so much inspiration and enthusiasm, that I was determined to make several improvements in major areas of my life. Obviously, writing was one of them. Through my friend, Kay (who blogs at DECOUNSELLOR.COM), I got to know of NAIJA WRITERS’ COACH; a passionate guy committed to helping upcoming writers live their dreams. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to pick up relevant points that have since enhanced the quality of my writing.

I didn’t stop there. At the spur of my enthusiasm, I reached out to a couple of friends on New Year’s Day, to participate in a 28-DAYS CHALLENGE, for the month of February. Some of them were people I had hardly spoken to in real life, others were those I talked to occasionally, and a few of them were intimate friends, and members of my immediate family.

Looking back now, I’m amazed at the responses I received from these people. Most of them had no obligation to contribute but they did. Even those who were not initially so eager, became forthcoming towards the end. I remember someone asked how I came to have such number of contributors, I simply told him I asked and they agreed to participate. At least 99% of my requests were favorably accepted.

And that brings me to this lesson: “There are ALWAYS helpers to your Destiny. People that are willing to respond to your Vision. Sometimes all you need to do is ASK.” 

There are times we want to achieve big things in life, but we don’t know how to ask for other people’s support and encouragement, because we think everyone is too busy minding their own business.

Other times we go through life in quiet desperation and frustration because we refuse to ask for help. We struggle through issues in our academics, relationships, finances and walk with God, because we do not make conscious attempts to reach out for help.

I know that vulnerability comes with asking for help, and folks can make empty promises atimes, but there’s only so far we can go if we labor through our journeys alone. We need the insight, wisdom, strength and experiences of others. These can be prayerfully sought, whenever we are in doubt. We should also do our best to contribute to other people’s success as well. For no man is truly successful, unless his success motivates others to succeed. 

This year, ensure you reach out for a HELPING HAND, and be of HELP to someone in need. Remember, it takes COURAGE both to give and receive help.



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