DAY 29: Because I’m HAPPY!!!

Welcome back.

Sunday blessings to everyone! I had a great time in church but I won’t be sermonizing today, thank you!!

My close friends know how much I love eating sugary things, like cakes, cookies, chocolate, candy and so on. I’m not really a fan of sodas though, but even homemade drinks must be really sweet for me to enjoy them.
Some folks have argued with me that too much sugar isn’t good for the body and so forth. Obviously, I know that. My Preceptor asked during rounds one day, which of these two is more damaging to the human body?
A) HYPOGLYCEMIA (too little Sugar).

B) HYPERGLYCEMIA (too much Sugar).

What do you think, B? That’s incorrect. As bad as Hyperglycemia is, Hypoglycemia is a lot worse. A person with very low sugar levels can rapidly deteriorate into coma or death. Now I’m not advocating HYPERGLYCEMIA, obviously on the long run, it’s damaging to vital organs/tissues in the body like the heart, the eyes, the kidneys, the teeth etc, but it’s still the lesser evil of the two. 

So why do I love sugary things? Because of the SWEETNESS ofcourse! I avoid anything “bitter” as much as I can (especially medicinal herbs, Tufiakwa! which is quite common where I come from). Sugar makes me “literally” High. High in the sense of being Hyper-HAPPY. At least, momentarily. A day without sugar for me, is an incomplete one. I usually snack on sweetened biscuits (or close alternatives) at least once a day. It’s not like I’m an addict though, and of course I still try to eat healthy: a bit of veggies, protein, fiber and fruits, here and there. My mom insists on that (I hope she’s reading this anyway, 😁😬😏). Then I drink lots and lots of water too! 

My point is this, I think we all need a good dose of things that make/keep us H-A-P-P-Y, from time to time. For some people, it’s Music or Games or Swimming or Pets etc, as long as these are in healthy limits, not interfering with much serious stuffs like school or work or family, that’s fine. Uncontrolled Hypo-HAPPINESS, like HypoGlycemia, can progress into a state of mild to moderate depression, or worse APATHY (a state of indifference to excitement). 

My ice-cream treat!

And Tonight, because I’m happy, I’m treating myself to some Ice-cream (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavor mix) to celebrate the eve of completing this 30-day-blogging challenge. It’s been one long journey but everyday, despite the highs and lows was worth it. The big celebration should have been tomorrow, but since it’s a school day, I think I’ll pass. 


So add some sugar to your diet if you can, some humor to your tasks, some color to your face, and a song to your lips.

Appreciate those simple, yet important things around you. Take a walk. Smell a rose. Watch the Sunset. Inhale deeply. Just celebrate Life. And do it as often as you can. It doesn’t matter how little or big your achievement is. Every moment is worth savouring. Above all, Give THANKS. God is good, no matter what.

Remember, Happiness is a CHOICE only you can make.

-Tufiakwa: In Igbo language (Nigeria), means God forbid. 

Thank you for reading!



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