DAY 26- Transient Feelings.

Welcome back.

It’s about a month to Christmas. Hallelujah! Hosanna! 

And just 4 days to the end of November, and this Writing Challenge.

It’s my desire to remember this Month for good. In the near future, I want to look back on these posts and reminisce on the pleasant memories buried in them.

If a thermometer could measure feelings, I guess my readings for the last couple of days would have ranged from low to average. One of the principles I try to hold on to is this: Feelings are indicators, they shouldn’t be allowed to become my dictators. Well, it’s easy to say but not quite easy to practice.

From my personal observations, I know that feelings come and go. It’s sheer foolishness to base all my actions on the way I feel. Feelings in themselves are not bad, they only reflect one’s emotional state. But acting on them at every given time, will do more harm than good. A responsible person is wise enough not to be fazed by waves of emotional instability. Because for every action, there is a consequence. 

Over time, I’ve learnt that it’s possible to train one’s mind to focus so much on the right things, that wandering feelings are easily captured and minimized. I’m still going through this training process, and although it’s sometimes hard, I remind myself that: I’m not a product of my FEELINGS, I’m a product of the CHOICES I make or do not make.

And so…

I choose LOVE over Hatred,

I choose FAITH over Fear,

I choose VICTORY over Defeat,

I choose SUCCESS over Failure,

I choose HOPE over Despair,

I choose FORGIVENESS over Grudges,

I choose LIFE over Death,

I choose HEALTH over Sickness,

I choose GODLINESS over Worldliness,

Above all, I choose CHRIST. 

So what do you choose?

Thank you for reading!



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