DAY 24- When Enough is NOT Enough.

Welcome back.

Today was a mixture of feelings…both good and bad. I know feelings are flimsy and I shouldn’t be controlled by them…blah, blah. *Sighs*

Anyway, God is good…tomorrow can ONLY be Better! Amen. 

I’ll share my thoughts on what I personally consider a struggle. It’s the dilemma I’m often faced with when I think about the Effort vs Result Orientation. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered why the best of efforts don’t yield the best of results. I mean, all through my academic pursuits, there have always been a select few who score good grades without putting in so much. By that I mean the typical hours of study, class attendance, assignments and so forth. Well, some would say such folks are just naturally brilliant, maybe. But it doesn’t seem fair to those that really worked hard, does it? Again, maybe the other folks didn’t study effectively. That’s also possible. 

Sometime in June, I and some friends shared our views on what each of us considered more important, between efforts and results. It was interesting to know that of the four of us, two people said efforts, while the other two said results. I was in the latter category. Obviously we all had genuine reasons to support our claims. For the effort-oriented folks, the process was always a compensation for the product. However disappointing the outcome is, putting in their best is good ENOUGH. Not so for the likes of me, I find it frustrating when my efforts don’t correlate with the results I get. Everytime I see the need to succeed more, I put in a little more effort. Well, it often works. 

After that discussion, I pondered some more. To be sincere, in times past I could be described as slow, lazy, indecisive and lacking initiative. Efforts didn’t come to me easily, maybe because I’m not naturally self-motivated. Hence, I dose up on anything substantial (from God’s WORD, to Inspiring quotes, books, messages, songs, prayers and Life-changing stories) to stay upbeat. I know not everyone favors motivational speakers and their mumbo-jumbo, some persons claim that they are left feeling empty after the initial euphoria fades. Well, I guess we all are wired differently. In essence, I always try to keep my GOAL(s) in view as I go through the Process in order to stay motivated. And I believe every Journey I embark upon, should lead to my desired destination. 

Well, I’ve had an ongoing situation for sometime now, that has lately made me depressed. Yes, I’ve prayed about it. Yes, I’ve sought counsel. Yes, I’ve tried several available options. Despite my best efforts however, nothing seems to be working. The truth is I feel frustrated and vulnerable. I just want a POSITIVE result, and as SOON as possible.

Knowing my orientation and current situation, What do I do since doing Enough is NOT Enough? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!



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